10 Best Modern Wall Shelf Design Ideas for a Home

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Just like clothes are stored in the wardrobes, some showpieces can be styled and showcased only on appropriate wall shelf designs.

Catching up with the interior styles, the wall shelf designs in the furniture market has also evolved embracing the latest trends, while on the other hand preserving the functionality. The designs of this unit serve everything to the distinct corners of the home.

Be it photos of your loved ones, some antique pieces or books that you love to read- a modern wall shelf contributes in every situation. I know it's an old-fashioned way, but the design makeover of this unit gives a different perspective.

Oh, in case you're wondering or looking for some best modern designs of wall shelves?

Let's start by busting your search process with some wall shelf designs!

Arrow Wall Shelf (Teak Finish):

10 Best Wall Shelf Design Ideas

With the showcasing, you can use a wall shelf design for path indication. Don't believe us? Just take a peek at this design, and you'll surely be going to like this dual-purpose shelving.

Tiber Wall Shelf (Honey Finish):

10 Best Wall Shelf Design Ideas

Looking for a fun and unique design of a wall shelf for modern interiors? Then, the Tiber wall shelf can do a lot of wonders on a bare wall. Or, I can say an insanely chic wall display!

Treepie Wall Shelf (Honey Finish):

10 Best Wall Shelf Design Ideas

A teensy-weensy wall shelf design turns an empty tablespace into a handy organizational tool without compromising an inch of style. Sounds, shocking? Check out Treepie wall shelf too from the collection.

Portland Wall Rack (Black Finish):

10 Best Wall Shelf Design Ideas

Do you like, wall shelf design in geometric shape? This diagonally curated square unit can revamp the look of modern interiors. And, the black finish is giving a superior look.

Shelly Wall Shelf (Honey Finish):

10 Best Wall Shelf Design Ideas

A convergence of exemplary look, semi edged ovals, and excellent finish, defines the design of this wall shelf. In modern living room interiors, this design can enhance the charm of the room like none other.

Retica Wall Shelf (Walnut Finish):

10 Best Wall Shelf Design Ideas

Have you heard about a beautiful mess? Yes, the messy Retica wall shelf design can bring character and visual interest into a room. All you need to do is fill with the items which you want to display.

Salvador Wall Shelves (Walnut Finish):

10 Best Wall Shelf Design Ideas

Fade up of corners in your home? Salvador wall shelf design is here to solve all the issues! This design can turn a DRAB corner into a FAB one.

Ben Wall Shelf with Hook (Natural Finish):

10 Best Wall Shelf Design Ideas

Whether you are looking for a functional way to hang up keys or showcase some art pieces in small space, a Ben wall shelf design is the perfect unit to play with visuals.

Mecneil Wall Shelf (Honey Finish):

10 Best Wall Shelf Design Ideas

Searching for a simple and sophisticated way to store some of your most treasured items? This design can instantly turn your beloved trinkets into works of art.

Pyra Wall Shelf Set of 3:

10 Best Wall Shelf Design Ideas

Obsessed with the triangulation, but stuck with how to blend with modern interiors? This design looks just as good as the real deal. 

And lo, behold!

You're now all set to experiment with wall shelves designs in your modern interiors.

All the products mentioned above are crafted from solid woods such as Mango and Sheesham. If you want any alterations, you can opt for the facility of customization.

Have any questions about these wall shelf designs? Please reach out us in the comment section below, we're happy to help you in any way we can!

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