3 Corner Decor Ideas By Wooden Street

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Feeling awkward with those dead corners coming into sight every once in a while?

Then, it’s time to wave a magic wand and bring life to them!

Let’s create something out of these blank corners so beautiful that these become the guaranteed favorite spot of your family!

With these three ways, you can turn your drab corners into a fab one before you can say Jack Robinson!

1. A virtual hug from the corner:

3 Corner Decor Ideas

Imagine yourself plopping onto a cloud-like chair with coffee in one hand and a bunch of euphoria on the other with confetti of good vibes popping up from somewhere?

Isn’t it tranquillizing? Unfailingly, it is!

A beautiful wing-back chair and a vibrant ottoman plopped on the top of a meticulously chosen rug sound mesmerizing in itself. So, bring in these with decorating a bookshelf aside and complete the look of the nook.

On the other hand, a few planters on either side will imbibe a punch of positivity to the place.

For adding a dazzling glow to the place, a flow lamp with a side end table will work the best.

Now say, how beautiful is that?

Want to get the same look? Have a look at the Joan Lounge Chair and Heimo Bookshelf.

3 Corner Decor Ideas

2. A functional nook:

Corner Decor Ideas

If you have a left-out corner in your home which needs a makeover, then here is something for you in the store.

Well, all you need to do is, roll in a beautiful rug, pose a side end table, put a few potted plants aside and voila, you’re done!

To add a tad bit more of aesthetic appeal to it, you can put a tall lamp for that whimsical glow, a few flowers as these never go out of style, a photo frame for some nostalgia and some miniature plants if you wish to like.

Also, there is something for the book-lovers out there.

Stow some stoppers onto the table and house all your precious collection of books.

Oh, and how can you forget the backdrop? What about a vibrant tapestry that blends with the interior like they’re meant for each other? Perfect!

So, here you are with the most beautiful corner of your home.

You may have a look at the Dome Round End Table for getting the visual.

3. A speaking corner:

Corner Decor Ideas

Think about turning a weird corner into a speaking one? Well, can we do it? Of course, we can!

A corner display unit cum bookshelf becomes the best decorative and functional element of the most unassumed corner of your home. Stock in your favorite books with some eye-catchy art pieces. And as we have got books, we got a reason to swipe in the ottoman guys.

Placing a bright-coloured ottoman may turn out to be killing two birds with one stone as it gives you a comfy place to jump on with working wonders for the decor.

After that, it’s time to bring in some drama with rolling in a rug on the floor and a few artsy fabric rings on the wall. And, at the end bring in two plants and throw some cushions just to add a stroke of fresh breeze.

Let your corner speak for itself!

Have a look at the Juniper Book Shelf to get the desired look.

3 Corner Decor Ideas

For more such interesting stuff, stay tuned with us!

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