5 Amazing Sofa Sets from Wooden Street

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Decorating your home is a hard task and upgrading furniture is even tougher. There are so many options that will leave you in confusion in no time. If you are planning to upgrade your interiors while keeping things classy, then solid wood furniture would be your fist choice in reducing the decorative stress. The natural wood grain brings a rich and elegant feel while their strength and durability are always appreciated. Today’s décor concept is a fusion of classic traditional and stylish contemporary furniture, making solid wood furniture a core component.

Wooden Sofa has been a chief component in the living room décor for years and this is the trend that will never go off. Wooden Sofa sets bring warmth to the room, making the place calmer and welcoming. Wooden Street brings a list of five amazing sofa sets that can accentuate the beauty of your living room décor.

Marriott Wooden Sofa Set

The Marriott sofa set is a master piece built with premium quality Sheesham wood. The frame associates a magazine rack to keep your living room organised. Plush seats and comfortable backrests make Marriott Sofa set more accommodating.

5 Amazing Sofa Sets

Marriot sofa set is giving a mesmerising look to the Venkata Prasad household in Bengaluru. The natural texture over honey finish makes it more elegant.

Winster Sofa Set

The simple design of Winster Sofa Set, with magazine brackets on both sides, makes it a comfortable organizer of the living room with a minimalist feel.

5 Amazing Sofa Sets

Richa Sharma from Gurugram finds Winster sofa very beautiful and comfortable for her living room. White cushioned seats with sleek designs take her minimalistic décor to the next level.

Raiden Sofa Set

Raiden sofa set a perfect marriage of style and elegance. The curved armrests with slatted designs will definitely add a charm to your living room.

5 Amazing Sofa Sets

Shruti Seth from Mumbai is more than happy to get her new sofa set in the form of Raiden sofa set. This beautiful sofa, coated with mahogany finish, and cushioned seats popping yellow colour to the living room bring a cosy elegance to her living room.

Conan Sofa Set

The simple and sleek design of Conan sofa set, built with premium quality Sheesham wood, is synonymous with minimalist décor.

5 Amazing Sofa Sets

Dr. Ramanathan bought Conan sofa set for his new apartment in Bengaluru. He is equally impressed with the look and quality of Conon sofa set and we loved the blend of white and mahogany finish in his décor. 

Alanis Sofa Set

Inspired by traditional designs, the Alanis Sofa Set is perfect for conventional living rooms. Beautifully carved legs with fine latticework in the backrests and the armrest adds a luxurious appeal to any living room.

5 Amazing Sofa Sets

Amita Bhatt from Delhi welcomed home this epitome of beauty and was very pleased to make it a part of her traditional décor.

Traditional, modern or rustic, there is always a wooden sofa to suit the theme of your living room décor. Nothing can beat the class and cosy vibes that wooden sofa sets lend to the living room.

With Wooden Street, you can get the dream furniture that you’ve always desired, with just a few clicks, and even have it customised the way you want. Shop and give an amazing look to your home effortlessly with Wooden Street.

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