5 Best Bench Designs For An Exotic Appeal

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The best Bench Design is not the one that is about ‘the look and the feel’; it is all about how it ‘blends and works’ with the interiors!

Hey, hello there, look around the entire abode!

Do you find any spot in the room that is going unnoticed? It can be the corner of the room, the verandah or the entryway, any space that lacks the charm!

Well, we have the furniture unit that can add style, upgrade the interiors, be a useful entity and even add storage space, which is - An ideal bench design!

The finest furniture unit that can be placed almost anywhere in the abode embraced by a design that brings it into focus, these design units does some extra work beyond their sole purpose.

Planning on introducing this ‘never going out of fashion - elegance’ into your abode? Then, here is a list of some of the best bench designs from our collection.

Before we start, keep in mind, ‘Yes and no is not what we are aiming for, we are aiming for the design that makes you go ‘Wow''.

1. Paloma Bench:

Crafted keeping in mind that the ‘simplicity and sophistication never fades’, the Paloma bench carries a simple yet elegant design. With the perfectly rolled armrest and the plush upholstery, evokes a timeless elegance.

In addition, the minute detailing like the classic nailhead trim on the upholstery above each leg and the traditional legs with rounded ridges or grooves, all-together creates an elegance that cannot be skipped.

5 Best Bench Designs

2. Christie bench:

Recalling the park memories, the christie bench design is inspired from wooden benches you might have witnessed in the parks or gardens. But it comes with a twist and spice of the storage space.

It comes with four cabinets to park all of your odds and ends inside it, in an organized and systematic way. This sleek and simple design is best suited for the entryway, living room or anywhere where you need an amalgamation of style, convenience and storage.

5 Best Bench Designs

3. Aroma bench:

Inspired by the English culture, this bench design showcases luxury in its detailing! With the English rolled armrests with the embossed curvy patterns all over and the cabriole style legs, gives the classy look to this alluring piece.

This bench style will let you savour the classy and chic designing and detailing!

5 Best Bench Designs

4. Petrona bench:

A magical treasure box! At first, it seems like an elegantly designed upholstered bench design with well-integrated button tufting that will satiate the lavish interior requirements. But then, it opens up to spacious storage satiating the urban home requirements.

The seat is designed with cabinet-stay mechanism, so when it is opened, the closing stays there and you can store all the things inside it systematically.

5 Best Bench Designs

5. Delano bench:

An ideal way to utilise that best corner of your bedroom that receives the first ray of sunshine! Sit pretty on this wooden throne trapped in the realm of naturalness.

The bench is embraced with minimalist detailing! The armrest has bars accentuating the overall structure with utter refinement and grace.

5 Best Bench Designs

The bench design is the only way to elevate the dull corners or the unused spot! From traditional to stylishly contemporary, whatever bench design you prefer has to fit best with the interiors.

As ‘Style’ defines who you are!

P.S. The products mentioned above are made from premium-quality solid woods such as sheesham and mango. Plus, there are multiple wood finishes and fabric colour and type options so that you can match it with the decor of your abode.

Like and comment, what you would like to know about in our next blog! We will get back to you!

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