5 Best Bookshelf Designs Trending in 2019

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Bookshelf and their designs, a query that leaves you pondering about what would satiate your requirements as well as keep your literary treasure organized in a modish way.
Having a private library is a style statement! And, why not, you can flaunt your literary taste as well as it could be a great conversation starter with your partner.

Bookshelves are the never-ending supply for the curious minds and the literature explorer. Only you can feel it, the feel of the “love of words”.

So, if you are a person that skips the tempting burger in the malls and escapes to spend a lot of time in the book stores, then read the latest bookshelf designs that are carving a niche in the interior world.

1.Regio Bookshelf:

Is the collection of books going out of hand? Are the books scattered all over the floor, or tucked inside the bed storage? Well, the Regio bookshelf is for the ones with the wish of creating a mini-library.

Utter-classic, this design will take you back to the era where big doomy libraries used to have an extensive version of it.

Perfect for the modern decor, this display bookshelf has glass doors and plenty of room for all the books, collectables, and other curios. The intricate wooden half-circle carving on the door, and the small button knobs adds a timeless feel to the overall look.

5 best bookshelf designs

2. Cagney Bookshelf:

Spot any ugly corners in the room? Well, this bookshelf here to make a change. With a design that will bind you with the contemporary vibes and creative vision, this shelf is a spot to showcase your creative + literature love.

The beautiful alternating cube design with plenty of room for the odds and ends is an ideal partner for contemporary lovers.

Note that - you can solve two purposes with it, as it can be a functional bookshelf or a living room display unit.

5 best bookshelf designs

3. Sybil Bookshelf:

Shaped like an ‘I', with the clean classic slats on the boundaries with the nuts left shown for rustic charm, this design is for those who love units that are small and effective.

Living room, dining room, study room or your private library zone, this contemporary stylish bookshelf can be placed anywhere.

5 best bookshelf designs

4. Hammons Bookshelf:

If you're feeling blue, the vivid colours of this bookshelf will make you go ‘wow'. With the perfect assortment of storage space - drawers and shelves, this design has vivid colours adding instant charm to it.

Use this as a decorative display by placing your literature on the shelves and other odds and ends in the drawers.

5 best bookshelf designs

5 . Juniper Book Shelf:

Carry your bookshelf with you! No, you don't have to pick it up but you can surely change the location with this bookshelf.

If you are the one that likes to experiment a lot with their interiors, this bookshelf design allows you to do so. The easy to assemble and easy to organize phenomenon makes it a portable, modish shelving design. Step-up the literature collection and style statement with this amazing design.

5 best bookshelf designs

Don’t let your treasure just scattered on the study table, when you can embrace it perfectly with a book shelf.

All the products enlisted above are made of solid woods such as sheesham and mango. Further, each one of them is available in all the finishes - mahogany, teak, walnut and honey.

*Stay tuned for our next rundown!*                                                     

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