5 Furniture for Small Spaces

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A smart planning and some smart furniture can result in an incredible home, whether it’s a small apartment or a Villa.

Just because your space is small doesn’t mean your style has to be. The key to making a small home comfortable, classy and clutter-free is buying furniture that not only fits in small spaces but also serves multiple purposes.

Let’s dive deep into this blog to know about five ingenious and stylish furniture for your small space.


1.    Sweet Dreams in Small Space

If your space is so compact that you are unable to decide between a comfy bed or a stylish sofa, then add this Savannah Sofa Cum Bed with Storage to your room. Hidden away in a three-seater sofa, this sofa cum bed can become the star of your bedroom thanks to its multi-functional approach that gives you shelves, sofa, bed and storage all in a single design.


2.    Stylish Room for Your Clutter

Furniture for small spaces should serve more the one purpose. In your bedroom or even in the living room, consider a Chest of Drawers that can hide away all your clutter, whether it is your old clothes or the things you need on a daily basis. The Weston Chest of Drawers, with its five neatly-stacked drawers, can easily ward off your storage woes, allowing you to focus on what’s important, cleanliness.


3.    Give Your Meal A Worthy Home

No dining rooms? No problem! Add the compact Adolph 2-Seater Dining set to make the space for things that you really love, like coffee, Sunday brunches, special time with your loved ones or books. This is the best dining set for a tight space, as its minimal and compact design does not intrude other things within your room. It’ll just sit there, silent, waiting to be used.


4.    Maximise Your Space with Style

Don’t have a study room? When the floor does not give enough, it’s better to shift to walls. And to make the most of your available space without compromising with style, take to this Zeni Wall-mounted Table. Now, this is a multi-utility table as you can use it like a study table or as a display unit to showcase your travel picks. It can even be used as a stand for a temple.

5.     Edit Yourself

Take a cue from our Petrona Bench with Storage, which is a multitasker’s dream. Having a bench that opens up for storage and also allows you to sit is quite a win-win situation for you. You can place this bench anywhere as it is easy-to-move, its upholstery is comfortable for your tushy and the extra storage helps you in hiding your clutter.

Adapting the “Less is more” philosophy can really make your small-space home look bigger and stylish. Make your furniture work overtime with these multifunctional and space-savvy.


With Wooden Street, you can get the furniture that you’ve always dreamed of, customised to fit your needs, and that too in just a few clicks.

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