5 Latest Dressing Table Design Ideas & Decorating Tips for Bedroom

Views:217   Jun 22, 2019

Modest homes have it. Bollywood films have it. For all we know, even the Oberoi Udaivilas has it.

We're talking about a dressing table design which can be beautifully dressed up to serve a different purpose. But, many people believe that it's a myth and quite difficult to achieve that 'Oh-so-Gorgeous' makeover in our homes.

So, get armed with some initiative and creativity to decorate your dressing table design for the bedroom to give a stunning effect.

Here, are some easy ideas you could implement!


A Little Dose of Traditionalism

  • The traditional features with a timelessly elegant look, the Allan dressing table design will work well in any heritage style of the bedroom interior.
  • Finish: Walnut
  • Solid Wood: Sheesham
  • A seemingly designed wall clock goes well with the traditional style of a dressing table.
  • The free-standing lamps are exceptionally fitting in the theme.

Shine High with Lighting Fixtures

  • An uber-chic and brilliantly cool, Durant dressing table design is stylish for any contempo-style bedroom space.
  • Finish: Honey
  • Solid Wood: Sheesham
  • Add a table lamp or a pendant light to your dressing table design.
  • And, when it’s time to turn off the room lights, see how the fixture glow for fun!

Greenify your Vanity

  • The symmetry in design, sophistication and appeal to antiquity describes the classic style of Swirl dressing table design.
  • Finish: Walnut
  • Solid Wood: Sheesham
  • For a unique take on the decor of dressing table design, you can use indoor plants and flowers.
  • This idea contributes more colour to the room and a subtle way to fill up empty space.

Space of More is More

  • Cinader Dressing Table design is a simple in structure but proffers a modern take on the standard style, whilst incorporating a sufficient amount of storage space.
  • Finish: Mahogany
  • Solid Wood: Sheesham
  • The showpieces and bunch of colourful books can transform a dressing table design into something wondrous.
  • Also, the wall paintings add instant spice to the dressing table design for the bedroom.


Flaunt your Artistic Side

  • Javert dressing table design is strikingly beautiful which is inspired by nature and earthy warm tones.
  • Finish: Walnut
  • Solid Wood: Sheesham
  • A DIY idea here to steal is, incorporating an art-piece near your dressing table design.
  • A bright-coloured rug can blend into theme while still drawing the eye.

As you can see, there is a number of ways to dress up your dressing table design. There will be more oomph when multiple decor items hang out together and make a collective statement. Apart from this, you can share your own ideas and get customized every type of furniture unit with Wooden Street.

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