5 Latest Dressing Table Designs for your Bedroom

Views:439   May 04, 2019

Dressing table is that one piece of furniture which can offer a chic look to your bedroom décor.

These aren’t just for storage or for personal grooming, but also act as a platform to showcase your personality by embellishing it.

Most people find it unnecessary to invest in a dressing table for their bedroom. But once you have a dresser of your own, you will never want to give it up!

So, for making your early morning grooming routine less chaotic, we at WoodenStreet, have put together 5 latest dressing table designs for your bedroom. Without any further ado, lets jump straight into the blog.

1.  Sharon Dressing Table

Mirrors are the biggest advantage of ownig a dressing table. If you like full length mirrors but don’t have a dedicated space for them, (urban life, we know!) then here you go. 

Our Sharon dressing table offers three shelves and a cabinet for easy-access storage, and a full-length mirror which also hides a cabinet behind it. That’s a lot of storage for all your healthcare and cosmetics.

Bottom line, this stylish and spacious dressing table will allow you to leave your home looking and feeling at its best.

2. Durant Dressing Table

If you are very particular about organizing things and segregating them according to priority or usage, then this could be your steal.  

This dressing table features mid-length mirror with a chest of drawers-like cabinet, offering 6 spacious drawers. Available in 4 beautiful finishes, this dressing table can pull off any type of bedroom décor.

3. Morse Wall Mounted Dressing Table

Ran out of your bedroom space? Don’t have a dedicated space for a proper dressing table? Fond of big mirrors in your bedroom? Don’t worry, we have a wall mounted dressing table just for you!

Our Morse wall mounted dressing table features a full-length mirror with a suspended platform that consists of a drawer and two small open shelves.

We have even more stylish designs in our wall mounted range of dressing tables for you to check out!

4. Boho Dressing Table

If you feel that your bedroom décor is lackluster or that it dulls your grooming process, then bring some flair in your bedroom décor through a flamboyant dressing unit.

We are talking about our Boho Dressing Table which is unique, colorful and beautiful. With a mid-length mirror, a spacious countertop and three drawers with colorful tiles, this dressing table has the audacity to enhance the look of your bedroom.

5. Laura Dressing Table

Groom yourself in a better way by this huge dressing table as it doesn’t let you purge, purge and purge. This dressing table has 7 drawers, which is quite enough to store all your cosmetics and selfcare products.  

In the chaos of your household, a dressing table is like a breeze of order just for you, inaccessible to any other members within your home, whether it’s your kid or your spouse. A dressing table is always yours, which makes it important to have a latest dressing table design for bedroom.

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