Top 5 Coffee Table Sets For Coffee & Gossip Lovers

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Feeling depresso without the espresso?

Well, you can always make a cup for yourself! But have you ever thought that this ‘friend'(a cup of coffee) of yours, requires a buddy of its own?

Like, how would the cup slay ‘the gorgeous grounded coffee look’ without being placed on a gorgeous coffee table?

From statement unit to a realistic option, the coffee table set range satiates the requirements of every individual homeowner.

So, are you on a quest to find that perfect set that will bring all the elements of the living room together?

Then, hold on coffee and gossip lovers, I am here with the top 5.

1. Reid Coffee Table:

Starting with a simple yet thoughtful design! A small dining table, if I say, this coffee table has stools of its own.

Perfectly apt for the gaming nights when you wish to hit off with a fun card game and a hot chocolate with your friends.

It is a large coffee table with four cushioned stools. Practical and elegant, this unit blends seamlessly with any decor.

When not in use, the stool can be shifted under the table keeping the living room neat and uncluttered.

Top 5 Coffee Table Sets

2. Vesta Coffee Table:

A cup of coffee with the side of comfort, is your taste? Or you always want your magazines by your side? This coffee table set does it all perfectly with the modish design. The table top has ample space and is beautifully curved from one-side forming an L.

There are shelves at the side for the magazine storage or decoration purpose. Plus, there are four stools nested under the table top.

Have morning snuggles with your favourite magazine and comfortable seating.

Top 5 Coffee Table Sets

3. Omar Coffee Table:

A pie shaped table with comfortable seating of two. This elegant piece will fit within any decor style! Plus, it round shaped which makes it best for an effortless conversation with your partners.

The table-top is spacious enough to hold coffee mugs, snacks and everything that you would need for a long deep conversation session.

P.S. The warm and welcoming vibes follow with this design.

Top 5 Coffee Table Sets

4. Eros Coffee Table:

Call your bestie for a long catch-up session as it is the time for a chai over a coffee table set.

Sleek, stylish, simple and effective like a chai, this design is a perfect charmer! With the metal shining frame and the wooden table-top and seat, this design is a mingle of ‘traditional and rustic charm’.

The half-circle base adds to the geometry of the design.

Coffee Table Sets

5. Petlin Coffee Table:

All the contemporary lovers, this design is here to stay! The crisp and clean lines with the capsule cavities on the stools give a trendy, up-to-date look!

The frame is thoughtfully designed keeping the stools completely inside the boundary.

Coffee Table Sets

Whether you wish to have a coffee table set that takes up less floor space and is functional, or you wish to have a large one where you can socialize with your friends and family, the coffee table is a must-have.

The above-mentioned coffee tables are made from solid woods such as sheesham and mango wood. Plus, are also customizable! So, let your creativity out and let us know.

*have a hot cup of latte, if you are craving already!*

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