Beat the Sleep Disorder With Different Types of Mattresses

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Here’s a riddle for you:

CLUE - I have a bed, but I never sleep, what am I?

Can you guess it? No?

The answer is a Mattress!

After the buying guide, we are here to discuss the different types that can provide utmost comfort, relaxation and support.

A perfect setting for a peaceful sleep can be summed up as - a king-size bed, a comfy mattress and a cotton bed-sheet. These are the solitary entity that is responsible for pain-less and stress-less nights.

So, if you are experiencing back pain, neck pain or even sore muscles every morning you get up, then it is the right time to change your mattress. And, for this, you be well-acquainted with the types!

Let’s explore and excel the relaxed sleeping time.

1. Ortho Memory Mattresses:

Recommended to: People suffering from back pain!

These are built to support joints, bones, and overall body.

The ortho memory mattresses or orthopaedic mattresses are specially designed to provide ample support to the people suffering from mild to severe back pain.

With the 5 intelligently fabricated layers - comfort, cool foam layer, transition layer, memory technology layer and the breathable fabric covering, these all give the required firmness and hygiene. Plus, the memory layer memorizes the body posture to provide best lumbar support!

The key features are -

Supreme support:

Say goodbye to tossing and turning! The magic quality of providing an ideal force on your body makes this mattress best for attaining the best sleeping position.

Decreases pressure points:

As already mentioned above that these provide optimum support, this is done by distributing the weight of the person evenly.

Aligns the spine for right posture:

It reduces stress on the spine as it lets your body have a proper posture as you sleep. It also promotes good blood circulation.

Keeps the body cool:

The cool foam layer has an open cell structure which allows air flow for a cooler and soothing sleep.

2. Ultra comfort mattress:

Recommended to: People who are allergic and experiences pressure points during sleep.

A mattress that memorizes your body shape, how amazing is that! When the pressure of the body is removed, the foam bounces back to original very slowly.

It has 4 layers - comfort, cool foam layer, transition layer, and the breathable fabric covering, which all-together provides the following key features.

Maximum support:

Get best spinal support as the foam will contour to your body shape.


Keep the dust allergies at bay with this mattress. The structure is fabricated with precision so that no dust mites penetrate in it.

Reduces pressure-point:

The pressure is distributed equally on all the body parts thus reducing force at one point and promoting healthy blood circulation.

Best for all positions:

We all have a certain position in which we sleep and this mattress takes care of that. Whether you are a back sleeper or a side sleeper, it will contour accordingly.

Go ahead and give a try! We give 100 nights free trial. The above-mentioned types of mattresses are available on our store in all the sizes. And, if you wish to customize it, we are open for that.

While you are here, give yourself a tour of our furniture world too.

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