Bed Buying Guide

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When we think about bed, rest, lounging and hours of sleep come into our mind. We all have our own standard picture of the perfect bed. But if you start digging out the variety of beds, whether online or offline, there are so many choices out there that you will be baffled, ranging from material, colour, designs, features and comfort levels.

Wooden Street helps you to sort this out by providing some points to be remembered before you proceed to buy a bed online.

Before You Buy a Bed Online

Buying furniture online has become a trend. And with an extensive variety that covers every requirement, you can easily get something for your interiors.

When it comes to your bedroom, nothing can beat the charm of a bed. But, before you hit to buy double beds online follow the tips below for bed shopping success, no matter what your budget is.

Which bed is perfect for your bedroom?

Measure the available space. Buy bed according to the size of your bedroom, leaving ample space to accommodate the bedside table and other mandatory bedroom furniture.

Who will be using it?

Choose the height of the bed and headboard according the comfort of the user. Like, two high or low floor beds are not suggestable for people with mobility issues.

Does it provide storage?

Gone are the days when beds were meant for just one purpose. Although, storage is not mandatory, a bed can be a great space saving solution to make room clutter free.

Which material is better?

There are two types of woods used in manufacturing:

  • Solid Wood: It makes sturdy and long-lasting furniture. With solid wood, you can rest assured that your bed will have a long life and will always entertain you while fulfilling its destiny.
  • Engineered woods: They are not suitable for frame structure as they don’t provide the adequate amount of strength that solid woods do. For example, MDFs and Plywood.

Which type of bed works for you?

  • If you need a bed which offers ample storage with an ease, make sure you ask for a hydraulic variant.
  • If you want to break free and conquer the world, go for a King-sized bed.
  • If your concern is about the space, and you want enough leg room left after having a bed, a Queen-sized bed is your thing.
  • If you want everything to fall in place like a jigsaw puzzle, then make sure you go for full bedroom sets, to give a complete makeover to your room.
  • If you are looking for beds for your kids, then there is nothing better than getting bunk beds.


Finally decide what type of finish you would like to have on your bed. Choose the finish that compliment your existing bedroom room décor

With Wooden Street you can find the best bed or get it customized in the way you want.

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