Celebrating Mother's Day with Wooden Street

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A mother is that one person of our family who wears many hats. She is the kind of person who is always busy, and then, if she is a working mom, she’s even busier. Shopping is what takes a huge toll on them. But she wants to give her kids and family the best out of the world. Online shopping is beneficial for everyone and a great boon for mothers, whether working or not.

I realized when you look at your mother, you are looking at the purest love you will ever know.”

                                                                                                                – Mitch Albom

On this Mother’s Day, we are sharing the story of some supermoms who proved that when it comes to their wards, they know the best.

Mother's day special

Shridevi Potnoru, a mother of two hyperactive kids, wanted to buy some simple and minimalist design furniture which is easy to maintain and adds functionality to the space, all the while filling the emptiness of her new apartment in Bengaluru. Her reason behind buying Walken Double Bed with Storage is its simple and clean looks without any sharp edges.

No matter what she buys, her children’s safety is always a mother’s first concern.

Mother's day special

Manan was more then happy to see the Carvel Double Bed in his bedroom. It was he who insisted his parents to buy this online. Her mother liked the design of the bed, which is simple, just like her son. Now, everyone in the house likes it.

Because, a mother knows what’s good for her kid better than anyone else.

Mother's day special

Space is always a concern, but Mrs. Arya has decided to gift her little angel her own space. She bought Walken Single Bed with storage for her daughter’s room. We are delighting to see the girl smile, when she got her own bed. Mrs. Arya found this single bed perfect for the room as it doesn’t eat up much space and provides lots of storage inside the headboard, to store books, and under the bed to store other belongings. Also, the pull-out drawers are easy to use for the little girl.

A mother understands the needs of her child without saying.

Mother's day special

Being a mother, the difficult part of the day is to make her kids eat, especially the breakfast. To ensure that her little girl completes her breakfast daily before leaving for school, Mrs. Bhatt likes to keep an eye on her angel while she is busy with her house-hold chores. So, she used her kitchen table as a breakfast table, accompanied with our Adcock Bar Stools. Using bar stools was a cleaver idea to manage the height of the counter and the kid.

No one beats a mother’s mind.

Mother's day special

Getting her children’s homework done is the most strenuous task for any mother. Mandeep knew that she should have it as soon as she saw the Pixie Study Table on WoodenStreet.com. This colourful study table, with its cushioned and comfortable seat, is enough to make her little one’s homework time a fun time. She found the spacious drawers a good exercise to help her kid in organising his space.

A mother has a magic wand that adds fun and happiness to any place.

“A Mother is like a flower, each one beautiful and unique.”

Happy Mother’s Day from us to You.

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