Comfortable and Stylish Sitting Chairs for Home

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Sitting Chairs are the most quintessential and versatile piece of furniture you can have in your abode. With functionality, these give a finishing touch to the décor.

You can experiment a lot with this piece of furniture and as well as a piece of sculpture to bring the interesting factor to your décor. Sitting Chairs will not only set the tone but will also set the mood of a room.

You can use the sitting chairs anywhere in your home. Whether you want to rest, work, draw, snuggle, make a statement or just want to set the décor game on point, chairs can never disappoint.

All these situations demand different chairs and set ups. So, we at Wooden Street created a rundown of 5 sitting chairs for a home to adorn your space in style.

1. Arm Chairs

Armchair is the key to reflect your personality and style, though it can be placed anywhere in your home. But, the most popular location to make the most use of it is a living room.

Now you all must be thinking that what is the main purpose of an armchair? It serves many purposes. It can be a statement piece, it can create a dedicated reading corner, or it can be a supporting actor for dining table; in all the cases, it delivers comfort.

2. Lounge Chairs

This chair has that audacity which can make you decorate a space completely around this, and you can leave the space minimal.

With Wooden Street, you will get two options to indulge your space with this graceful piece of furniture. A) Go bold with the solid color fabric and B) Be playful with vibrant color fabric.

This piece of a chair is an epitome of comfort, and beyond that, it adds aesthetic value to any room. The presence of lounge chair can add character in your room and can fill the corner with an aesthetic contrast.

3. Wing Chairs

This is the most enduring type of a sitting chair with a charming touch and an inviting feeling. From high back to wooden framing to curvy arm, Wooden Street has covered it all to adorn your space with a timeless style. 

Placement of wing chair is the key to create an ambience which you have always dreamt of. You can place this in your bare corner to add aesthetic interest to it. You can also use this near your coffee table to make your coffee time contented and stylish. 

4. Rocking Chairs

Not only aesthetically but this sitting chair also has some health benefits to offer you mentally and physically.

The gentle motion of this rocking chair will sooth the mind and body and will melt all the stress away.

Encounter the varieties of this sitting chair at Wooden Street where you will get the rocking chairs crafted from solid wood which will be going to add more richness and warmth to your décor.

5. Metal Chairs

The quirkiest, easy to move, affordable and playful variety of sitting chair. With a lot of color options, the metal chairs at Wooden Street are available in varieties of design to bring that pop of color to your décor.

So, these were some of the comfy, restful and studious types of sitting chairs by Wooden Street to give a regal look to your décor. You can plunge and purchase them directly from our website, and if you have any specific requirement regarding size and fabric, you can opt for the customization option with us. 

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