Festive Décor Inspirations for Lasting Impression

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This festive season let’s make your home magical with our loved pins

Decoration is always an integral part of festival. But, who said you need to decorate the entire home?

Simple home decoration through small things can transform the entire living environment of your home.

Forget about painting the entire home, instead give the walls and windows a new look by adding or changing the curtains and cushion covers with bright and fresh color materials.

Festive Décor Inspirations Pin It

Look at the exclusive collection of cushion covers and curtains at Wooden Street.

Rajasthani Diwans: Rajasthani diwan sets which are often used as props in traditional or period drama film sets serve as wonderful accents in homes. These can be upholstered with rich cloth like velvet or silk in warm colours like red, orange or magnolia. A wonderful embellishment in your house and provide to it an ornate, ethereal look that remains royal for ages.

Festive Décor Inspirations Pin It


Look at the exotic diwan sets offered by Wooden Street.

Wooden Swings: Full wooden swings inside homes have been a trend for a long time. Rich wooden swings are a fashion statement and a chill-out zone in homes. Decorate them with good looking fabric and cushions. Dark wood polish for your swing-set and maintenance drive every two or three years will suffice and make your swing a stylish entity.

"Festive Décor Inspirations Pin It


View the exclusive wooden swings only at Wooden Street.

Upholstery and Furnishing: Furnish your living area well. If you have metalwork going on in your room, you might want to experiment with colors like maroon, bright yellow and orange. Explore the idea of silk curtains. Use warm-toned cushions upholstered ottomans to make your wood-house appear warm and inviting.

Festive Décor Inspirations Pin It

Look at the collection of ottomans at Wooden Street.

Other ideas: Solid wood furniture is an important element in Indian decor. To give an authentic look, bring in the most stunning of Indian craftsmanship with carvings in wood.

Welcome your guests or get devotional with beautiful wooden trays that are a great combination of functionality and aesthetics.

You can also go for some brightly painted inlay work having mirrors, stones, ivory, or metal, which can serve as storage units too.

Lighten the mood of your space with a great console table. Or get some ornate centre-pieces and complement them with other more understated furniture. There's a vast variety of distinctively Indian pieces available at Wooden Street such as wooden chest of drawer, footstools, and jharokhas.

Festive Décor Inspirations Pin It


Get the festive look at Wooden Street with exclusive range of wooden trays and cabinet and sideboard collection.

Stay tuned for more updates about festive décor inspiration.

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