Find your Colour Crush with Different Sofa Sets

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Why do people always go with white for peace or red for rage?

Why does one never feel the Monday morning yellows instead of the blues? It's because colours say more than anyone can see.

Colours have the ability to visualise, add beauty and value to anything. The shades of colours are relevant to all fields. It's always the colours which can elicit the right emotion or aesthetics.

For home furniture to decor, colours are the driving trend as one can find from warm tones to cool shades in its family. However, it becomes challenging sometimes in the case of sofa sets, which needs to be comfortable and colourful at the same time.

If you're struggling to find the shade for your sofa set, these five colour ideas will guide you in the right direction.


Energetic Olive Gold:

From the family of yellow, the olive gold colour is simply happy. Since long it has been related to encouragement and energy. With the hues of Henry 3 Seater Sofa (Velvet, Olive Gold), one can stimulate and make everything sunny and light in the living area.

Characterful Indigo Ink:

Ranging from turquoise blue to indigo ink, blue is another versatile shade. When cloud blue meets with the neutral brown, there is born of a scheme that's both calm and elegant in the form of Messy Wooden Sofa 3+1+1 Set. The floral and striped cushions add pops of colour to the indigo ink sofa, lifting its appeal and look.

Sumptuous Dusky Rose:

The red colour is one of the emotion-evoking and powerful colours. When used in pure form, it is the colour our eyes are drawn to first in the living room. You can create a strong first impression with Ryker L-Shape Left Arm Wooden Sofa in dusky rose colour.

Shades of Grey:

Grey is considered the restful colour for the eye. Combining the peaceful quality of white and mystery of black, shades of grey are suitable for almost any living room. You can promote togetherness and comfort with Parker 3 Seater Sofa in graphite grey colour. Define the chic elegance in your living area with this shade!

The Pacify Ivory:

If you want to stay with the neutral colour palette, Ivory is one of the most common choices for sofa sets. This shade accentuates the textural and tonal look of any living area. You can maintain the natural look with McKellen L Shape Right Arm Corner Sofa Cum Bed. To reclaim the style statement with this shade of sofa set, you can use a bright colour of accessories.

The general idea behind this colour therapy of sofa sets is that the more an item stand out, the more likely it is to be remembered and noticed.

P.S- When you are incorporating new sofa set, you can add little pops of colour with pillows and throws to pull the look of the living room together.

We'd love to see what colour of sofa set you have chosen for your living area. Why not share your ideas with us in the comment box below.

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