Got Small Bookshelf with Doors? Bookmark these Decor Ideas!

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Ever read a book? I mean, do you love the magic of words? Well, there is something special about these little wonders. We don't just love to read books. We also love to talk about them.

 After giving yourself a reading treat, now it's time to think about how you should treat them. A small bookshelf with doors is beautiful, don't you think? Imagine, how much more beautiful it would look after experimenting with some interesting decor ideas.

 You can store your collection at your fingertips and curl up in the format, you like! Be it a formal look or something fancy, this experiment is a fun task to do.

 So, 'take a break' from reading and get creative to 'dress up' your small bookshelf with doors where you can unwind at the end of every day.

 Here are a few quick tips to get you started.


Invite Colourful Vibes:

Love to play with colours? Decorate your small bookshelf with doors by inviting colourful vibes in your home.

With the help of book covers, you can create a focal point which can pull off anybody. So, get the covers facing towards outward, group books by colour and give a treat to your eyes with the colour-coded look. Also, pair this unit with a colourful lamp for captivating interiors.

You can play this smart trick with Travis bookshelf in a honey finish.


The Power of Moody Browns:


If you have a small bookshelf with doors in a brown shade, then you can follow the tone-on-tone concept. You can add a photo frame of light shade and some antique figurines. This idea will allow you to show your book collection in a distinct way with the pinch of family memories.

Pietro bookcase is truly justifying the power of moody browns. The open shelves can be used to store handy books, drawers to hide your clutter and showcase your collection behind the glass doors.


A Little Greenery is Must:


The wooden bookshelf with some greenery? An elegant combination to make the interiors of your home appealing with a small trick. You can use this trick in any lacklustre corner and then get the results when it comes to life beautifully.

With the Heimo bookshelf, you can not only decorate inside and above this furniture unit, but you can experiment with surrounding also. Add some planters which can make everything more appealing and exciting.


Hinting Towards a Simple Look:

A less is more, when you are decorating the modern style of home interiors. The simple design of bookshelves is perfect for the study room.

Keep your small bookshelf with doors near your study table just like a Lacey bookshelf. You can hide the clutter at the bottom part and showcase your collection on the top part.


Make it Fetching Formals:


For this, all you have to do is separate your books on the basis of size and stack them. You can also use items like a pen holder, vases etc.

 With Theo bookshelf, you can create formal interiors without compromising on the style element.

For all the book-lovers, the small bookshelf with doors provides storage as well as display space. This furniture unit keeps your collection safe, secure and organized.

Every furniture unit is tailored from hardwoods such as Mango and Sheesham wood. You can also avail the customization facility and alter them according to your desires and needs.

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