How to Choose a Mattress?

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Are you thinking to replace your old mattress? Or want a companion for your new bed? It may sound like a simple question- but it is usual to be distracted by different types of mattresses when you're looking for a new one. From size, material and comfortability, the mattresses come in different forms.

Whether you agree or not, sleeping on the wrong kind of mattress can harm your body or maybe jeopardize your overall health. You need to prioritize your needs to make a sound purchase.

The comfort is something that all of us would probably say that we want from our mattress. Therefore, before taking any decision we had compiled the things which need to considered in the word COMFORT.

So, whether you are suffering from pain or a side sleeper, read on to find out which option is best for you.

C: Comfort is Must

The foremost thing which needs to be considered is comfort offered by the mattress. Greater the comfortability factor, automatically it aligns the spine of sleeper's body and avoids building of pressure points.

O: Opt the Apt Size

When you are selecting the mattress, make sure that you know the exact size of your bed. The standard size of the following general categories are, king size: 78L x 72W, queen size: 78L x 60W and single bed mattress: 78L x 36W. Besides, if you are not getting the appropriate size you can easily customise them.

M: Material For Long-lastingness

The mattress is made up of two different types of materials which are ortho-memory and ultra-comfort. Both of them keeps your spine aligned, while ultra-comfort easily adapts the curve of the person’s body and ortho-memory supports the body structure.

F: Find the Firmness

The firmness of the mattress depends on two aspects, that are the weight of sleeper and sleeping position. The softer mattresses are suited for side sleepers while stomach and back sleepers feel more comfortable on a medium firm mattress. The firmer mattresses work very well to prevent excessive sinkage due to the weight of heavy people.

O: Optimum Durability

The material of the mattress also affects the life span and functioning without any deterioration. So, choose the mattress which gives a lot of comfort without any sink and sag for a longer period.

R: Reinforce at its Best

The reinforcement of mattress means that it does not easily sink beneath heavy areas of your body. So, choose the one which supports your body for many years and does not decrease with time.

T: Think About Thickness

The mattress of thickness 5 to 6 inches offers comfort which a normal body needs for a sound sleep. So, feel more comfortable and relaxed by opting the right thickness of your mattress.

 Now that you know how to buy a perfect mattress as per your comfort and type of bed, you can head over to the exclusive collection of mattresses at Wooden Street. Here you will be going to get the comfortable mattresses with the most reasonable price tags.

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