Latest Study Table Designs for A Productive Study-Time

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Tidy Design, Tidy Decor, wonder what you can have more?

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The modern study table designs are breaking all the clichés associated with it, like ‘What do you need for a good table? - A sleek tabletop and two or more storage drawers', and the work is done, right?

But, this is not the case!

Nowadays, study tables are designed with precision to blend well with the decor of the home. Plus, these also create a peaceful bubble where you can read, work and think productively!

An ideal design should satiate two aspects - Style and Functionality. Keeping in mind these aspects, we have created an enticing list of products that fits well with these criteria.

1. Holger Foldable Wall Mounted Table:

A highly functional study table design! Fold it for a clean floor space ready for your stretching time, and unfold it for a productive time.

Simple yet effective and elegant, this design is a cabinet that is affixed on the wall. The door opens up to a desk which is sleek and spacious to work efficiently.

The storage shelves give enough space for all the essential things to be stored efficiently.

Latest Study Table Designs

2. Candy Study Table:

No one ever said, no to storage!

This study table design comes with extra bookshelf.

Yes, all your loved literature can find a home for themselves. There is multiple cabinet column where you can divide the books and files according to their genre and attain a systematic arrangement.

The table-top is a door to the open shelves! A closed cabinet in a moment and a spacious table-top in another.

Latest Study Table Designs

3. Gordon Wall Mounted Study Table:

An opening to the spacious fort - Gordon! A perfect blend of a fun display unit and an elegant study table, this sturdy study table design is fantastic if flaunting is loved by you, no matter what you do!

Affixed on the wall, this design is a nut-cracker for the small-sized rooms. Save space, save style!

Use your artistic skills to decorate it will different embellishments or decorative items for a gorgeous appeal.

Latest Study Table Designs

4. Feldon Study Table Cum Bookshelf:

A wardrobe at first glance and a study table with ample shelves in another. This study table design comes with doors that open up to a spacious desk and shelves to keep all the books inside.

Have you heard of the quote, ‘Time isn't the main thing, time is everything'. Well, with this study table design you will save ample time as everything you need would be stored in the provided assortment of storage space. Hence, cancelling the unnecessary trips to other rooms.

Latest Study Table Designs

5. Alkin Study Table:

Sturdy solid wood study table design, that brings a hidden surprise! With the sleek top and spacious shelving design at the side, this unit manages to impress everyone.

The side section opens up from top revealing a hidden chamber to store your book-ish collection.

Latest Study Table Designs

6. Wally Study Table:

A rustic charmer for your study-time! This design comes with a loft-inspired design that adds height to the room. With the ever-loved mingle of metal and wood, this design has ample storage space for all the odds and ends.

The open shelves let you keep all the magazines, files or important notepads perfectly organized.

Latest Study Table Designs

Read, write and research well, with the perfect study table design. The products enlisted above are carved out beautifully from solid woods such as sheesham and mango wood.

Plus, each one is available in different wood finishes so that you can match it with the decor of your abode.

Like and comment, if you like the selection of latest study table design. And, stay tuned for the next rundown of best decor-friendly items. 

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