Save More Space with Sofas That Become Beds

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So far, the most innovative piece of furniture has to be a sofa that becomes a bed, i.e., a “Sofa cum Bed”.  

Smart utilization of space has become important, what with the flats and apartments sprawling over the bungalows. If you have compromised in space, then with Wooden Street, you don’t need to compromise on style.

Comfort and convenience, a sofa cum bed has both of these to offer you. And the best thing? With comfort and convenience, it can also offer you jaw-dropping aesthetics.

Wooden Street brings sofa cum beds to your home with style. Check out these 5 ultimate sofa cum beds that we have rounded up just for you:  

1. Sereta Sofa Cum Berth

There is no living room which can’t match the warmth and richness of wood. And when you add a sofa that becomes a bed into your décor setup, it adds five stars to its charm.

Sofas are the most quintessential part of every home, and if you get that quintessential part in a multifunctional way, what more can you ask for?   

And if we talk about Sereta sofa cum berth, it’s like buying one furniture with benefits of many. This one is the most multifunctional furniture piece that you can have in your abode, as it offers you a sofa, bed and magazine brackets to keep your magazines in place. Quite a steal, don’t you think?

2. Claridge Fabric Sofa Cum Bed

If you are someone who gravitates towards modern décor and want to add some colors in your living room, then this sofa, that becomes a bed, can be your call.

Selecting the fabric color for your sofa cum bed is one of the most important decision you will have to make. It totally depends on the rest of your room’s décor.

If you have a minimal décor theme, you can opt for a bold-colored fabric or printed fabric. And if you already have a dark color palette, then you can balance the décor with lightly-hued fabric.

A great add on: You also get the storage beneath the bed.

3. Zibah Sofa Cum Couch with Storage

Everyone says that storage is the biggest problem nowadays. But not when you have the Zibah sofa cum couch with storage, as it comes with open shelves to store items that you want to showcase.

A spacious storage beneath the bed lets you store stuff that you want to keep away from sight. If your home is adorned with a modern décor theme, then this type of design can be the best match for it.

4. Noah Couch Cum Cot

Are you more into statement-making pieces when it comes to buying furniture for your home?

Then give a royal feel to your room’s visual sense and more comfort to your relaxation time with this sofa that becomes a bed.

Look at the design of this sofa cum bed which features a high headboard and curvy armrests, which make this sofa alluring.

The storage beneath the bed extension is a cherry on top of the cake!

5. Arley Sofa Cum Bed

Multi-functional furniture is a clever way to live more comfortably in your compact apartment. And a well-suited example of this is our Arley Sofa cum Bed.

If you are someone who hates purging and loves showcasing, then here is your steal! This sofa, that becomes a bed, has drawers, open shelves and storage beneath the bed to offer you. Isn’t that a sweet deal?

Sofas that become beds are a huge investment, and expecting a good return from them is obvious. Nobody wants to invest in something which cannot stand the test of time.

With butter-smooth movements, stylish design and plush upholstery, you’ll always find your that perfect sofa cum bed at Wooden Street. Or you can have it customized to suit your needs.

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