Small Budget Big Makeover for Singles

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Are you living alone? Or moving to another city? Then you must be looking for something to make your space exciting and functional without making a hole in your pocket.

We all have our ways of manifesting our creativity and sense of style. You just need to have a nice store to shop in order to make your vision alive.

So, here we are with a blog so that you can dive right in and create your happy place, which will look far expensive than it costs.


1 - Coleman Futon bed - Make The Bed a Star

Starting at INR 19,599

The first thing which should be a part of your small space squad is a single and solid colored bed, as it’s our usual hangout spot in a room. This Royal Blue colored futon is the best choice to try your hands on. The dark color treatment can be used to make your studio apartment look “wow” and bright. Besides, this futon provides you with enough space to stretch out and relax, or even host movie and game nights for your friends!

As it is a buy-1-get-2 type of thing, it will be a perfect cushy for your tushy during the day time and serve as an excellent support for your back during the night. The price will fascinate you more as it won’t force you to break your bank.


2 - Cornrow Colours Cushion Covers - A Vibrant Den


Starting at INR 1,249

Next up is something which can give your futon a physical comfort and visual treat as well. The most endearing and ultimate trimming which you can add to your studio apartment to offset the monotony are the cushions. These are perfect to spruce up the décor of your apartment.


3 - Bostan Ivy Nest of Table Sets - What’s Cooking, Good Looking?

Starting at INR 5,879

The favorite part of the day is undoubtedly our meal time. So, keep your wallet happy and buy this compact and inexpensive table set. You will not resist after stumbling upon this compact beauty, as it will be the show stopper of your apartment. You will get two tables in this set, one for lip-smacking food and another to be used for sitting. Steal the deal as getting this table set at such a price is something which you haven’t dreamt of.


4 - Frank Display Cabinet - The Collector’s Paradise

Starting at INR 6,499

Show your personality through your apartment’s décor. Are you an obsessive collector like lint-on-wool or a book-lover? If yes, then you won’t be able to stop yourself from drooling over this furniture unit as this is a multi-utility piece, having two stories of showcasing your travel finds or books. A solid wood display unit will add energy and warmth to the aura of your apartment as well.


5 - Family Photo Collage:- Lets Travel Back in Time


Starting at INR 3,999

Staying away from our family can be a pain. This Family photo collage will be the prominent feature of your room as you embrace your beautiful past. This photo frame will not only give your wall a majestic look, but you can also travel down the memory lane which you have created with your loved ones. In this wall frame set, you will get 11 photo frames with two letterings, FAMILY and WARMHOME, and a plaque, “EST. 1988”.


So, what are you waiting for? Add a zest to you single, monotonous life, and give your apartment a makeover that defines you.

At Wooden Street, you’ll find many innovative ideas to give a personalized touch to your home without burning a hole in your pocket.

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