Small Living Room Chairs With Arms - Decor-Envy Everyone with 7 Stunning Ideas

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Are you going GAGA over the Instagram featured decor ideas or the top pins of the Pinterest?


This blog guides you with the different ways you can use a small living room chair with arms to get an outstanding interior.

Read on to know, how the chairs can spruce up the living room, no matter of what size, like never before.


Idea 1 - A Sofa + 2 Chairs:

Do you have a 3-seater sofa set and you want something zesty to instantly light-up this setting? Well, quite obvious, we can include two living room chairs in this arrangement.

There are two ways you can assemble it:

Firstly - You can keep both the chairs together just next to a sofa set, creating an L.

Secondly - You can keep one on each side to create a 3+1+1 sofa set.

For instance, the Wolper Lounge chair with curved surrounding like a cocoon is best for this beautiful setting.

P.S: The rectangular arrangement gives the natural vibes!


Idea 2 - A Sofa + Chair + Ottoman:

Attain a simple, clean and entertain all your guests with this idea for the narrow living room. Plus, this is similar to the setting Monica was obsessed about in the season-1 of F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

Coming back to the tip!

Assemble a living room chair in an angled position to the sofa set and place a small, pretty ottoman in front of it.

Adoree lounge chair from Wooden Street with the floral upholstery and contrasting upholstery piping can be perfect for this eclectic and elegant seating arrangement. And, pair it with the Maven pouffe.


Idea 3 - Reading Nook - A living room chair + coffee table:

Creating a reading nook. Install a living room chair with a gorgeous wooden coffee table, this will be a quiet place to escape into the literature world.

Pesto lounge chair with angled tapered legs and the mid-century appeal is an ideal one to create a reading nook away from the hustle of sofa set-up. Pair this dainty lounge chair with the Aloha coffee table.

This idea best suits for open floor layout or a big living room.


Idea 4 - Bar Area - A Set of Chairs:

If you have a bar area in the living room, then it is the perfect spot to introduce a set of small living room chairs with arms for a bold and beautiful appeal.

For instance, the set of Boris lounge chair in velvet upholstery will seek all the attention in the living room.


Idea 5 - 2 Chairs + Tea table:

Entertainment zone within the living room? Assemble two small living room chairs with arms like Clover lounge chair aside a small tea table like the Alice coffee table, in front of the television.

Sit and binge-watch your favourite series enveloped in comfort of the chair.


Idea 6 - Enjoy a Window view:

Imagine at the end of a hectic day, you come back, sit next to the window and watch the sunset with a hot cup of coffee in your hand.

Utterly satisfying, right?

Get this perk by arranging the living chair next to the window, if you have any, in the living room. Like the Alpina lounge chair with the gorgeous deep-buttoned tight tufting at the back and nail-head trim detailing, is an ideal seat to sit and chill after the long day!


Idea 7 - A Bench + 2 Small living room chair:

Skip the regular way of arranging a sofa set in the living room, instead, go for a bench and chair set for a functional room layout. The small living chairs like Trove lounge chair with the Grayson or Reyes bench with backrest will be a visual treat!


Go ahead and try these ideas!

The above-mentioned small living room chairs with arms are available in solid woods such as sheesham and mango wood.

For the creative ones, we offer customization service, where you can experiment with different finishes and designs.

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