Smile and Smile Back with Top 5 Spiffy Dressing Tables

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“Pretty is what you are, beauty is what you do with it.”

- Anonymous

Dressing and ornamenting oneself was a necessary part of the daily routine of the royalties of the past. Women of the royal households used to spend hours adorning themselves and the dressing tables played a significant role in assisting these women.

But it was not just women who used dressing tables. With the advent of the industrial revolution, the white-collared men of high status and the high-ranked army men used dressing tables to suit themselves up and look dapper for the day ahead.

In this modern cosmopolitan age, everyone, from a young kid who is having his first day at school, to an old woman who retired years ago, makes sure to adorn themselves in front of the dressing table.

Over time it has become a major part of interior decors. The interior designers also consider it as a necessary part of the interior, because of which there are many stylish designs in the market that steal hearts with just a look.

Wooden Street also has some beautiful designs of these furniture units for the decors of these modern times.

Full-Length Mirror Dressing Table with Side Storage


Getting a full look at yourself while standing close to the mirror is possible with this dressing table design. These mirrors have cabinets and shelves for storage at the side of the mirror. While the shelves can be used for keeping decorative items, the cabinet and its counter-top make wonderful storage for all the grooming accessories. One such design is the Sharon Dressing Table.

Cabinet-Mirror Dressing Table


Models, such as the Felner Dressing Table, have a mirror as a door, which holds a cabinet behind it. The cabinet is along the full length of the mirror and is well compartmentalised for storing numerous stuffs.

Full-Length Mirror Dressing Table with Minimal Storage


Baxtor Dressing Table and Zanter Dressing Table available at Wooden Street are full-length mirrors with minimal storage.

The Baxtor Dressing Table has two tray-like counter-tops for placing cosmetics or other grooming items.

The Zanter Dressing Table has a counter-top and two drawers on both the edges.

Vanity-Type Dressing Table


These dressing tables are good for those who want a considerable amount of storage. These were the conventional types of dressing tables used in earlier times, with a mirror frame attached to the wall and a large chest of drawers below it. These dressing tables are easy to use with a large counter-top atop the storage. Florian and Laura are vanity type dressing tables.

Wall Mounted Dressing Table with Cabinet Mirror


When all you want is a large mirror with no clutter around it, a wall-mounted dressing table with a cabinet mirror is the best thing to consider.

Adolph Wall Mounted Dresser is one such design that you can find at the website.

No one in this modern world goes out without adorning themselves in front of a dressing table mirror. Therefore, at Wooden Street, these are available in adorable finishes and designs, much suited to the room decors of modern times and appeasing to a wider crowd.

One can find numerous designs of these furniture units according to the purpose and room decor.

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