Steal Interior Décor Ideas from B Town Star Parineeti Chopra’s Sea Facing house

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Fascinating us with the delightful series of lovely rom-com’s and the drastic weight loss journey, Parineeti Chopra left us drooling over her beautiful sea-facing apartment.

From being just cousin of Priyanka Chopra, she entered the world of glamour to designing her apartment into her dream house, the kill-dill actress is Killing and Grilling everyone with the beautiful decor of the abode.

The banner image shows how happy she is watching her bachelor pad circumscribe all the childhood memories she has loved and mesmerized till now.

On this she spoke joyfully, ‘I wanted my personal touch to be flaunted exotically in my home. I address this wall as a ‘storybook wall’. It has my earliest memory of reading of Enid Blyton book that my mom gifted to me. I have cut up many book-covers and put them up on my wall.”

Heres a gist - Spread over 2,815 sq ft of area, there are two bedrooms, three bathrooms, a dining room, a living room and a balcony.

So, tighten your seat-belt, we are going to witness a dash of classy and casual decor splash.

Giving us envy firstly is the beautiful (even this epithet would be short) Living room:

Okay, hold on, breathe in; breathe out, well, the living room has an extending balcony that faces the sea! Amazing, isnt it?

Giving peaceful and resting vibes, Shabnam Gupta - Designer of Parineeti Chopra has smartly included elements that represent the personality of her.

Matching the bubbly, cutesy actress, the living room has contrasting colourful entities! The red colour denoting passion, desire and love, has been used beautifully in the different furniture units - on the abstract painting, the mid-century inspired stool, side table and cushions.

The indigo chesterfield sofa paired with a black leather sofa set and a patterned rug with the backdrop of a white-washed brick wall showcases the picturesque beauty of the marine drive.

There are many more elements to make this area a comfortable spot! I love how the love-seat with the tapered legs red stools and a modern styled tripod lamp at the side.

A sliding door that connects living and balcony facing the deep blue sea.

Impossible to miss - The hustles, the sound of the wave crashing on the shore, all can be seen from the balcony of the ‘girl-next-door’.

Complimenting the decor of the living room, this area has dark wood flooring, comfortable sofa seating, monochrome black and white patterned rug and a mid-century assortment of differently heightened stools.

The ceiling lights give warm vibes to this lounging area.

Literature love cannot be defined if the collection is not LARGE.

Are you listening bibliophiles? Well, our glamorous Parineeti has an area which has a large wall-mounted, display-unit styled bookshelf! Where she has probably stuffed all her favourite literature.

Splash of colours and eclectic vibes - The Gorgeous Dining Room.

Layers upon layers, colours mingling with colours, all that I can say when I witness the beautifully designed dining area.

What your eyes will catch - the beautifully patterned sea-green and black striped floor with elegant wooden dining table, colourful upholstered wooden chairs and a comfy, plush floral inspired armchair.

Not to be missed - the eccentric black hanging lights with a fabulous metal-wooden trunk style sideboard.

Traditional, lavish and country-style - Master Bedroom.

Dark-brown wooden walls with a white ceiling and the princely white upholstered bed provide a visual treat and softness to the bedroom.

The country-style side table with pink detailing and a reading lamp on the top is all that we require for comfortable sleeping and ‘inst-surfing' experience.

Walk-in Closet - B-Town Style.

Vanity area, we have always wanted in our lives! The beautiful bulb lighting around the mirror frame with a hydraulic comfortable vanity chair.

Catching my heart, my eye, my mind, everything - amazing shoe shelves! Heavenly assortments.

A Bathroom that lets you enjoy the me-time vividly.

Who thought a bathroom can be so lavish? Well, Parineeti likes it first-class style. Have a sneak peek at the image below.

Inspiring us with the casual and classy interiors, the bubbly actress and the one that charms us with the witty nature - Parineeti Chopra has set an instance for all the bachelors!

We have our eyes on other celebrities too, wait for more posts to aspire you.

Image Courtesy: Google and Architectural Digest

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