The Mountain Mansion of The Queen of Bollywood - Kangana Ranaut

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The actress who is known for speaking her mind out, and also the one that just shot a pistol in the silence of nepotism of Bollywood, Kangana Ranaut, has made her fans go GAGA over her again.

And, this time, it is not a controversial statement, it is her 30 Crore worth mansion and that too at 2,000 metres above sea level!

Nicknamed as, ‘The Queen of Bollywood', RANI left everyone spell-bounded with her magical mansion in Manali.

Initially, she planned for a simple home with a bedroom and all the necessity, but then she ended up with a grand bungalow, that is, indeed enough to make everyone envious.

With the backdrop of the picturesque snow-capped mountains, the unusual boho chic yet classy interiors define Kangana’s bold, beautiful and unapologetic nature perfectly.

‘I thought this would be a retreat but it's the ultimate party house’, exclaimed Kangana.

This image is of Kangana Ranaut posing happily in front of her mansion. Designed as per her desire to have an old, mountain home, the exterior of the home has a beautiful facade with strips.

The charcoal grey and the white windows give the quintessential old charm!

Let’s take a sneak peek NOW.

1. Splendour and Bold - The entrance:

We guess from the entrance that everything inside is going to be blazing like our lovely Kangana.

What we love the most - The raw touch of the unusually appealing frame, beautiful chandelier and the monochrome ‘indigo and white’ theme.

2. Blazing and Lively - The living room:

Amidst the snowy heaven, there is always a need for warmth, and so, Kangana's interior designer Shabnam included a fireplace in the living room!

The scintillating fireplace is seamlessly mingled with the classic chequered armchair and a cast iron short-heightened round table which displays quaint rustic charm.

The beautiful beige handwoven rug beneath gives an instant light to the living space!

P.S. the backdrop of snow-capped Manali mountains is a view that we all die for!


3. Modern and Classic - The sunroom:

A beautiful bridge between the beguiling nature and the classic indoors, the Kangana Ranaut’s mansion has a conservatory room.

Designed with different elements to bring out the best of the ‘old and classic’ charm, the interior has included indigo printed tiles as flooring which mingles with the blue sky.

The nude Jaipur rug, cane sofa set and the single chairs all-together accentuate the overall look. Moreover, for a classic but trendy look, the red tractor counter is used to add a pop of colour to the monochrome theme.

4. Different themes brought together - The Bedrooms:

The mansion has 8 bedrooms! Yes, you heard it right.

The whitewashed brick walls, poster beds and the eclectic shelf cum study table with beautiful funky wall frames, all-together flaunt Parisian style.

It is equipped with a customized dresser with a royal fuchsia armchair!

Not to be missed, this master room faces the gorgeous snow-clad Himalaya ranges.


The mansion of the Mountain girl Kangana is an inspiration for everyone. You can surely adapt the ideas for beautiful decor!

Stay tuned for more celebrity home tour. We are already gazing on a celebrity’s home ;)

Image Courtesy: Google and Architectural Digest

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