The Pride of Dev Household

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What happens when the traits of an army man meet the wandering nature of a wildlife photographer? The creation of an exceptional personality.

Meet Mr. Ashwin Dev, this exceptional personality that houses a patriotic drive and a wandering photography spirit, managing the perfect balance between the two.

Hailing from Dehradun, he has travelled across the nation to serve his country and live his passion of wildlife photography. Col. Ashwin Dev is currently residing in the Capital City, New Delhi, with his wife. His home plays a vital role in showcasing his passion for photography. Not leaving the walls nude, he has covered them with snaps that he took over the years.

The couple owns a beautiful home in the Capital, but his wife was looking for a few new additions in their abode. While searching, she was certain about one thing, the moment people entered their home, they should be awestruck! Therefore, they chose the Alfonso Sofa-cum-bed which has ample seating and storage space.

They landed on Wooden Street accidently while searching a Sofa cum bed and also found an ideal console table in the form of Sirin Console Table.
According to Col. Ashwin, “The console table is exactly what we had been looking for. We instantly fell in love with it.”

For sofa-come-bed, he said,” We liked Alfonso sofa-cum-bed, but the colour options weren’t matching with the living room’s décor. So, using the customisation option, we selected the Yellow Blush, which goes perfectly with the walls. It’s a visual treat”

On asking his experience with Wooden Street, he said, “It was nice to shop with you. We’ll definitely buy more in the future. We came across Wooden Street by an accident and it was a good accident. “

It was such a pleasure to please Col. Ashwin Dev, who showed faith in our design and customisation.

With Wooden Street, you can get the dream furniture that you’ve always desired, with just a few clicks, and even have it customised the way you want

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