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Whether you are relaxing or enjoying with your friends and family, a good sofa is essential to make your living room cosy and inviting. Wooden sofas from the house of Wooden Street add warmth to any living room, making it feel truly rich. They are the perfect blend of soft fabric and comfy cushioning over premium solid wood.

Today we are sharing some glimpses of the journey of seasoned Sheesham Wood to a well crafted and finely coated Darwin Sofa Set, one of our bestsellers, ready to be dispatched to our customer.

The whole process starts with seasoned solid wood logs. These logs are cut into the desired shapes and sizes and transformed into the frame of the sofa. This frame is ready to be transferred to the next team.

Next, this frame is cleaned, sanded and furnished. With sanding, that raw frame achieves a levelled finish, so that it looks even on all fronts.

The sanded frame provides a perfect surface to apply the finish selected by the customer. This work is done by skilled craftsmen. Appropriate wood finishes put emphasis on the wood grains and impart a luxurious look.

Once the finishing process is done, the whole sofa is polished to bring perfection. This step brings a natural gloss to glam up the game of elegance.

At the end of this whole process, a sturdy, elegant and sparkling frame of Darwin Sofa is ready for to be matched with excellent seats and backrests. Each cushion for the entire set are upholstered in our upholstery unit using polyurethane foam. The foam is of high-density, which lasts long and doesn’t lose its shape.

These are further covered with a hand stitched layer of premium fabric, as chosen by the customer.

In the end, the most important task is done, before the packaging and dispatch for the delivery, and that is Quality Check. Like each furniture unit made in our manufacturing facility, Darwin Sofa goes for visual inspection and quality checks to the respective Inspectors. Our QC Inspectors examine the sofa as per industrial norms and ensures that it looks exactly as expected by the customer while providing adequate comfort.

After passing the evaluation process with full marks, the Darwin Sofa Set is tagged and boxed for shipment out of the manufacturing unit.

Shijo Francis from Bengaluru welcomed home Darwin Sofa Set along with an Anne Coffee Table. The entire set, coated with walnut finish, is looking more than awesome with an all white interior.

Wooden Street makes sure that every customer experience is unique, especially when it comes to comfort, and with Darwin Sofa Set, we bring a prestigious form of elegance to your home, bonded with love.

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