Tips to Decorate Your Rented Apartment

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Being a tenant should not bind you to the design your home. There are so many options available from which you can really have an impactful décor without leaving a permanent mark.

Comfort in your home should always be high on priority, even if it is a rented one. It is important to have a well-furnished and comfortable abode.

And to make your surroundings gorgeous, we have some useful and very exciting tips for those of you who live in a rented apartment. All the tips that we mention in this blog are from the notes of experienced interior designers at Wooden Street.

Without further ado, let’s get straight into this blog where you will encounter the creative ways to give your rented apartment a personal touch.

1.    Now firstly, let’s talk about the heart of every home, the living room. It is that one place in your home where you spend most of your time with family, friends and unwind yourself after a hectic day. For seating options, you can go for two seater sofas which are also known as loveseats, and if you are lucky enough to have a spacious living room you can also add one seater sofas to make a stylish combination.

2.    What you can do to make your living room more appealing is to include bookshelves. You can also use them as display units by decorating them with some embellishments.

If your wall has patches, a clever use of eye-catching paintings and wall arts can help you hide them. Now, we’ll move on to another important part of the living room which is flooring. A right flooring can step up the style quotient in your room, but what if you have an ugly flooring? No worries, for we have rugs to the rescue. A beautiful rug or a carpet will set your décor game on point.

3.    Do you love calling your friends at home and hosting parties? Then nothing can better serve your entertainment time than a bar cabinet. They are not at all space dominating, so you can always have them in your rented apartment.

4.    Next up is the bedroom. How can someone possibly fall asleep without an awesome bedroom décor? If you are looking for something which is not chunky and can easily be moved when you will be shifting to a new home or city, then you can end your search on a queen size bed. 

5. If you are someone who takes their office work home but doesn’t have a dedicated place for study tables, then you can opt for a wall mount study table, which won’t drill a hole in your pocket.

To pair up with the wall mount study table, you can have an investment piece such as a lounge chair, which adds an extra layer of comfort and aesthetics with a fresh splash of colours.

6.    Now comes the other room which some people call a kids’ room while some call it a guest room. The options for beds in this room, are
A) Sofa Cum Bed, and

B)Trundle Bed.

First, let’s talk about the sofa cum bed. This can be your best call if you are tight on space during the daytime, when you can use it as a sofa. And when the Sun sets, you will you can transform this versatile piece into a bed. But, if you have two kids, then without any single thought you can go for the trundle beds. They are spacious, stylish, space-savvy and practical enough to have in your kids’ room.

7.   You can add a few more seating options to bring some fun element to your kids' room, such as a bean bag or a pouffe.


And that’s it! You’re now equipped with the knowledge to make your rented apartment reflect your sense of style. So, what are you waiting for? Get to shopping your favourite furniture!

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