Traditional Living Room Furniture to Flaunt the Timeless Style

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Are you someone who gravitate towards traditional décor theme? Or Someone who is looking for traditional furniture to adorn the living room? Then this blog is for you.

Now, what is a traditional style? In this style, you have plenty of luxe-looking/appealing furniture. There is nothing chaotic in the traditional style.

Once you decide the signature style of your living room’s décor, it is important to find the perfect combination of furniture. Because as you all know the living room plays an important part in displaying personality.

In this blog, you will find the perfect example of a complete traditional living room furniture by Wooden Street. Below the blog there is one complete set of solid wooden sofa set with coffee table, ottomans, TV units, bookshelves. So, keep on reading to give your living room an ambience of understated, and non-jarring.

1. Vigo Wooden 3+1+1 Sofa Set with Maisie 6 Drawer Tea Table

There is nothing better than a wooden sofa set to add richness and warmth to your traditional living room furniture. And it’s one of the furniture which plays a major role in incorporating the traditional theme in your living room.

Now let’s talk about this combination.

Firstly, the sofa which features magazine brackets on both the sides of the sofa. These magazine brackets are designed with floral shaped carving which makes this wooden sofa set arresting.

Secondly, the Maisie 6 Drawer Tea Table, as the name itself is depicting what this traditional living room furniture has to offer you. 6 drawers in tea or coffee table and we are not kidding; this tea table has 3-3 spacious drawers to store any stuff.

2. Maisie 6 Drawer Tea Table with Fauna Ottomans

This combination is for those people who have luxurious space or facing accessibility issues from sofa to tea/coffee table. Ottomans are the most playful and fun option to add sitting in your living room.

Fauna Ottoman having cushioned seating is comfy. Plus, the best part is the fabric option. Wooden Street offers you an extensive range of fabrics to choose from.

The coffee table is little inclined towards the simple and minimal side so playing with seating option can pull of our décor.

3. Emboss Tv Unit

Entertainment is an important part of our living room. And a traditional décor gives more emphasis on the pattern then color. The best example of this, you can get your hands on this Tv unit featuring elephant carving design.

This TV unit offers two cabinets and one open shelve with one drawer, and you can open it through a traditional ring-shaped knob. Quite Interesting! No fussy and restful, isn’t it?

4. Nelson Bookshelves

It’s impossible to resist the graceful fluidity of this bookshelves. This is everything you want from a traditional living room furniture. Storage as it is having 5 spacious open shelves, elegant and space efficient.

You can complete the overall décor of your living room through this bookshelf.

This traditional living room furniture will not only elevate the entire aesthetic of your living room but will also bring elegance.

Wooden Street offers you with the tailor-made options so that you can create a home which you have always dreamt of. 

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