Wardrobe Buying Guide

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Gone are the days when the sturdy metal almirahs used to occupy space in almost every bedroom, catering to all the storage needs. Now, wardrobes have turned out to be the second most essential furniture of bedroom. A wardrobe not only houses all your wearables but also complements the furnishing scheme of your home. You need to select a wardrobe that looks chic and sophisticated while fulfilling all your storage needs.

Wooden Street brings this wardrobe buying guide that will tell you everything you need to know about the wardrobes, from choosing right type to right material and other things that needed to be considered. Also, if you are up to buy a new wardrobe to replace the older one, it is an opportunity to get an upgraded version that overcomes the problems you are facing with the current one.


A wardrobe not only houses all your wearables but also gives a chic and sophisticated appearance to your bedroom. Wooden Street brings this buying guide that will tell you everything you need to know about wardrobes.


Depending upon the clothing preferences, choose the combination that provides dedicated space for shelves, hanging rails and drawers.


Choose the wardrobe as big as you can, but not bigger than you can fit in your room. Measure the space accurately where you want the wardrobe to go, considering height, width and depth.


There are various options available, but if you want it to cater your storage needs for many years to come, choose the one made of hardwood. Choose the wood colour that matches the existing bedroom furniture.


Though a wardrobe is the second-most essential furniture of bedroom, purchasing one doesn’t have to mean emptying your bank account. Pick the one that fits your financial plan and graces your stylistic theme in an admirable way.

Types of Wardrobes

One Door

Perfect for a tiny bedroom or as an add-on or a matching expansion for an existing wardrobe, joined together to create a larger wardrobe unit.

2-Door Wardrobe

Most common wardrobe for an average room with a variety of combinations of drawers, shelves and hanging rails to suit best to your requirements.

3-Door Wardrobe

Perfect for shared bedrooms or for people with a large amount of clothes. With hanging rails, lots of shelves and storage space, these are perfect for medium to large sized bedrooms.

Sliding Door Wardrobe

Available in various heights and sizes, these wardrobes are perfect for narrow bedrooms where you don’t have enough space to have a hinged door to swing open. 

Choosing the right wardrobe for your room is essential. Find the wardrobe you need or get it customized through Wooden Street. Feel free to call us and we’ll gladly cater to your Wardrobe-related queries. 

Check more buying guides by Wooden Street to make your furniture purchasing process more empowered and knowledgeable.

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