Wooden Home Temple Design Ideas for Every Indian Home

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A temple is the symbol of hope and peace. Every Indian household is incomplete without a home temple.  It is said that a home temple brings good luck while purging out all the negativities from the house. According to Vastu, a wooden temple is auspicious and considered to be more devout. But not every home is blessed with enough space to build a pooja room. Scroll down to check the few designs of Home Temples by Wooden Street that can convert a small corner of your kitchen, living room or dining room into your personal spiritual corner.

Wall mount Mandir in the Kitchen

home temple ideas

Most people consider kitchen the right place to install a mandir. Wooden pooja units amplify the interiors and bring positive vibes in your home. You can go for a small wooden temple unit installed in your kitchen area or get it wall-mounted like Mr. Bhattacharya. He chose Ananta Home Temple and customised the dimensions, so the unit fits in the kitchen's desired space perfectly. 

Open Mandir in the Living Room


An open temple unit is in trend in the Indian homes nowadays. Due to lack of space, homes incorporate an open pooja unit in the living room area. Idols of Gods and Goddesses, murals, pooja accessories and designer wall arts highlighted by bright lights is another way to enhance the prayer zone.
Aditi Mathur picked the Ridhi home temple for her spiritual space in the living room. She said,” I am very much inspired with  the concept of open home temple and found this design to be perfect for me.”

Behind the Closed Doors


Small or big, it does not matter. What is important is your faith in God. A small or large pooja room can be made in the vacant space in the corridor or the space left under the staircase. A wooden temple with doors is ideal for these places so that you can close the doors once you are done with the daily sacred rituals, keeping your sacred space secret.
Hanuvant home temple is now a part of Sharma residence in Mumbai. Lata Sharma says,” I chose this temple over others because of its colourful design and doors. “

Portable Pooja Temple


Portable Pooja Mandir is the most budget-friendly option and does not require much space. They are easy to move when required and come with storage boxes allowing you to keep pooja accessories all in one place without causing any difficulty.
Nisha Dubey who bought Bhagwati home temple said,” I loved the beautifully carved design of this temple. Great artwork and perfect finish.” 

A temple at home is considered to boost out positive vibes and soulful connection to the God. Wooden Street brings a wide range of beautiful home temples designed to grace the spiritual corner of your home. You can create a beautiful pooja room using these home temples by mixing them with other spiritual accents, lamps and lights. 

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