WoodenStreet’s Rewards & Recognition Ceremony, 2019

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When Wednesday’s sun rose to the high sky, team WoodenStreet had departed for Castle Narela Lake Resort for a star-studded and unforgettable night.


“The price of greatness is responsibility”               

- Winston Churchill


Behind every great furniture built within WoodenStreet is the hard work, diligence and creativity of a diverse cast, whose responsibility comes out as a collective achievement. And to celebrate a string of achievements of the Financial Year 2018, WoodenStreet held a Rewards and Recognition Ceremony on the night of 8th of May, 2019.

About 100 kilometres from Udaipur, near the fort city of Chittorgarh, is the paradisiacal Castle Narela Lake Resort, the destination for the grand evening. On arrival, team WoodenStreet was greeted in a traditional way with garlands, tilaks, and refreshments to beat the summer heat. As every member of the WoodenStreet family gathered themselves for the main event, the stage was being set for the night.

When the carpet of the night drew the stars out into the sky, the stage was graced by the hosts, and the crowd riled up to welcome the forebearers, the pillars and the founders of WoodenStreet.

What followed was a walk down the memory lane, as every founder had a story to share, ranging from challenges and persistence to funny quirks that caused the audiences to break into fits of laughter that rang across the skies.

And soon after, the performance of every hard worker was brought to fruition. The Rewards & Recognition ceremony officially began by awarding the production teams from Jodhpur and Jaipur, followed by each crew that handles various WoodenStreet experience stores across India, from cities like Bengaluru, Mumbai, Gurgaon, Ahmedabad, Pune, Noida, Hyderabad and Chennai.

Finally, it was time for the Udaipur team to shine, bringing out various squads and their stories up on the stage to give an insight into the work carried forward at the headquarters of WoodenStreet.


With the stories concluded and the efforts recognized, the curtain was drawn and the stage was vacated to make way for a dance party to challenge the stars themselves. Ripples of energy and enthusiasm broke out within the crowd as people left their seats and set the dance floor ablaze with style.


The night was young, indeed. So much that the spirit of fun lived on to the next day. As the Sun broke out of the sky, everyone was ready to create memories and have fun. The open pool invited many to challenge the heat, while others congregated indoors to play a game of pool. Some even took to the open trails near the resort to explore wilderness and nature. In short, it was that perfect period to live life to the fullest.


When the time of departure came, a calm silence had settled. To start a journey forward is a big challenge, and for a vision as big as WoodenStreet, each cog of the machinery has to be looked after.

The chapter of FY2018 had finally come to an end, with the rising Sun marking a new beginning in WoodenStreet’s story. A future fashioned out of more experience stores, greater reach within India and the even rest of the world. And most importantly, a future shaped by smart and creative people that make WoodenStreet a happy family … bonded with love.

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