5 Trendy Lounge Chair Designs for a Floral-Inspired Decor

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An uber-Comfy Lounge chair design reflects how ‘God is in the detailing’!

It's an old-age debate - are pastels and florals just limited to the nurseries or children's room? Well, to be honest, muted pastels and floral prints can do wonders if the right design is chosen for it and importantly if they are chosen for the right furniture unit.

With the monsoon, rejuvenating and adding liveliness to the surrounding, it’s our time to inspire and enact the same vividness in our abodes. And, all I can think of is a comfortable lounge chair design and a sip on a hot cup of coffee taking you towards the luxurious realm.
P.S. Pastels and florals are the trends that everyone is crushing on. And, so, we have enlisted the lounge chair designs that envelops the rainy season within their fabric detailing and beauteous prints!

Let us not wait further and take a check on the monsoon trends that can update the interior decor of your abode.

1. Joan lounge chair - A ‘Seat' heart:

Majestic yet inviting! And, engrossing us with the muted yet surprisingly loud pastel brightness and the beautiful nature-inspired fabric print.

The tall backrest gracefully curved over the edges with wings to provide enough space for you to rest your neck and back comfortably. The natural print of the fabric delivers elegant style with extraordinary comfort!

Giving it a modish touch are the tapered short legs. Create a warm and welcoming zone to relax at the end of the day with this finely accented beauty.

5 Trendy Lounge Chair Designs

2. Danon Lounge Chair - An Old World Charm:

Fly your way to the comfort world, by simply seating and engaging yourself in the plush upholstery of this amazing lounge chair design.

Invoking a contemporary-traditional cusp, this unit with the rosy leaf print, will give a blossom-beauty to the living room. Contributing to the comfort and style aspect are the elegant English rolled armrests, tall backrest and the beautiful buttoned tight tufting.

5 Trendy Lounge Chair Designs


3. Adire Lounge Chair - A Timeless Throne:

Seamlessly blending the pastel-floral print with the French-inspired lounge chair - Bergère, this lounge chair design is dipped in the splendour for the ones who love royalty in every season.

The gorgeous little robin birds and entangled floral prints with the beige background are the features that accentuate the entire structure.

5 Trendy Lounge Chair Designs

4. Alpina lounge chair - A Comfort Chateau:

With the boundary of the wooden frame and just the right amount of upholstery, this lounge chair design is best for spending some me-time when you are done with the day!

The rose vineyard print of the fabric and the solid wood's naturalness makes it a monsoon trend.

5 Trendy Lounge Chair Designs

5. Cargo Lounge Chair - A Blossom Box:

Shaped like a box and enriched with the natural, floral print, this lounge chair design is a punch of bold charm for the monsoon season. The entire structure is raised above with the beautifully polished metal frame.

The plush upholstered cube-shaped armrest and the tilted backrest gives utmost comfort to the back and arms.

5 Trendy Lounge Chair Designs

Paint your home, ‘Pretty in pastels’.

Showcase the season in your abode with the ever-elegant pastel dipped and floral wrapped lounge chair designs!

Each design is carved beautifully from solid woods such as sheesham and mango. Swipe through the pastel goodness we have in store for you.

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