5 Ways, 1 Ottoman and A Swoon-Worthy Transformation

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It is no secret that we eventually get bored of our interiors.

But, that certainly doesn’t mean that we have to throw on some new paint on the wall or get a contractor to change the layout.

(It is going to cost a lot!)

We are going for the easy way or I may say a cutesy way - the introduction of Ottoman and pouffes.

Loved and extensively used by the interior designers, these fabulous units, adds the much-required elegance, gorgeousness to the room.

Breaking the stereotypes, that the ottomans and pouffes can only be used as an ‘additional seating unit’, I am here with the deal-breaking ideas to use these units around the home!

Ready to get obsessed over this plump, pretty unit! Let’s start.

1. A dull layout to a zesty one:

Do you often gaze at the dull corner of your room and feel like something is missing? And also, are you tired searching for ideas online that can transform into a lively, creative corner?

Then, halt the search, as we have the ottoman ready to make its appearance.

Setting - Assemble the ottomans and pouffes like the Farah ottoman around a coffee table like the Freberg Center Table.

The distinct shapes create a distinctively beautiful setting.

2. A leisure-time nook:

Once in a while, we all wish to relax and sit alone with our favourite book in our hands or binge-watch our favourite series on the mobile-phone.

So, let us create a cosy ‘leisure-time' zone in the living room.

Setting - A Lounge chair like the Adoree with a similarly patterned pouffe like the Maven will be an ultimate place to stretch out entirely!

The teal tulip fabric common between both elements create a sense of style in the room. Throw on a beautiful cushion for a double elegant impact.

3. Modish coffee table:

The living room is the place that creates the first impression on the guests, and so it is utterly important to make one that is everlasting and beautiful.

For this, we can ditch the traditional, boring coffee tables and introduce a large rectangular pouffe like the McKellen. And, to make the impact more powerful and vivid, throw similar coloured cushions on the sofa set.

It would create asymmetry and will give an elegant feel in your contemporary rich and chic living room.

4. A beautiful vanity chair:

I bet you didn’t know about this use of pouffe! Well, it can be a partner for you in your make-up time.

The pouffes like Robin Round in marvellous mustard coral can be used as vanity chair next to your dressing table. The plush seat will allow you to sit comfortably while dashing that gorgeous winged eyeliner.

5. A beautiful end for your bed:

Are you tired of searching for a comfortable spot in the room where you can sit and simply open your shoes? Putting an ottoman or a long pouffe will certainly solve it!

Arrange a single pouffe like Mckellen or go for assembling 2 or more similar pouffe like Raven! This will be a comfy place and will also save the morning rush.

Well, who thought, I repeat, who thought, a simple ottoman or a pouffe can be used so creatively and extensively inside our abodes.

Go ahead and give these ideas a try!

The above-mentioned products are available in premium quality fabric and solid wood. Don’t forget to explore the vivid fabric and print collection we have in store for you. 

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