5 Wooden Photo Frame Ideas to Recreate The Magic

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Imagine, you walked into a beautiful home, filled to the brim with wooden photo frames.

Lovely pictures everywhere!

Suddenly, it starts giving a feeling as you know them!

Isn't it?

When the loved ones stayed within miles of each other, the photo frame is a sweet reminder of beautiful moments spend together. These frames trigger endearing memories that lurked into our sentimental minds.

Treasure the moments you have today with photo frames. Amidst all these, there is and will always be a constant question: "Which type of arrangement you'll be going to use for photo frames?".

Don't worry!

Get ready to slay your dreary walls with wooden photo frames ideas that are mentioned below.

1. Mix and Match for Luxe Look

5 Wooden Photo Frame Ideas

We always think that - “ We have to do it this way because we always have.” But, now everything is changing, that's why wooden photo frames are not limited to displaying pictures only. You can now use them with show pieces also.

Revamp the look of your home with Eiffel photo collage which can be used in living or dining area.

2. Play of Colours

5 Wooden Photo Frame Ideas

You can breathe life to an empty wall by adding photo frames of different contrasting colour. For example, you can use cherry red frames and balance them with more classic bright as well as dark ones.

You can bring a sense of ordered and coloured chaos with Symmetry Photo Collage.

3. Imperfection can be Beautiful

5 Wooden Photo Frame Ideas

The holidays, functions, or any event are for making lots of memories with our friends or family. You can use those raw pictures and convert into a beautiful mess!

Hydra photo collage is an imperfect yet beautiful photo frame; this is a type of a wreath which you will surely want to hang year-around!!

4. Power of Twin Tower

5 Wooden Photo Frame Ideas

There is no wonderful feeling than hanging up a pretty and gorgeous snap of people you love and value most. Pictures, like stories and memories, are an integral part of our legacy. We hold them close, and also, we pass them down.

You can feel that glimmer of joy with photo frame such as Twin Tower Photo Collage in black finish.

5. Combo of Big and Small

5 Wooden Photo Frame Ideas

With this idea, you can picture the interplay of the two different sizes of wooden photo frames. You can bring life to your living area by just arranging only two different sizes of frames.

Polar Photo Collage is perfectly justifying with this style in a beautiful way.

While a beautifully arranged photo frames owe a lot of its charm to the appearance of the place,  what really ties together are memories. Shirk not this necessary step. Instead, collect all the memories and do a little experiment!

Do you have any other arrangement ideas for photo frames you'd like to share? We'd love to hear what worked for you and what didn't! Tell us in the below comment box, don't hold back!

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