Adapt Flexibility with Futons

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A futon is the most flexible furniture you can own. It can be used as a couch in the living room, study, bedroom or anywhere in the house as you desire. We bring you the best futons which are beautifying homes while bringing top-notch multifunctionality.

A Sofa-cum-bed is the most versatile and useful form of sofa these days. As the name suggests, these units perform the role of a standard sofa which can be converted into a bed when required. A Futon is also a type of sofa cum bed, formed of padded mattresses. It is a Japanese-style of bedding that is comfortable, saves space and lets you utilize the maximum floor space.

A futon can be used as a couch in the living room, study, bedroom or anywhere in the house as you desire, and the best part is that it can be easily converted into the perfect extra sleeping space at night or whenever you require.

Understanding the usage of futon beds, Wooden Street has introduced various colours, sizes and frames in its futon category. Today, we bring you the best futons which are beautifying homes while bringing top-notch multifunctionality.

Keerti from Mumbai needed some furniture that could increase the seating capacity of his small living room. He visited to get a one-seater sofa or a loveseat, but this futon caught his eyes. He ordered a Coleman 2-seater sofa for his home and customised the fabric in yellow blush to match the soothing ambience of the room.

Akash Jain from Mohali bought a two-seater futon named Coleman from us to fill his empty reading nook. When we asked him about his experience with us, he said, “I was looking for a comfortable, plush couch for my reading corner. But when I saw this futon, I finally realized what I had been missing. This futon is now my perfect companion while reading and is extremely comfortable to sleep. Simply awesome!”

Futons are perfect for rented apartments as they are easy to move, perform dual-duty of a couch and a bed and are quite affordable. Rosina Poudyal from Bangalore feels the same and welcomed home a futon from Wooden Street a few days back, customised in aqua marine fabric. She says,” It’s very good and I am loving it! Placing order at is quite easy and the delivery was just as I had expected. Thanks”

Whether it’s a Netflix night with family, football match with your friends or an all-me time with your favourite author, a futon is always ready to add some extra comfort. Place one in your bedroom as couch like Neeta Dixit from New Delhi did with our Winsley one-seater futon, and trust us you won’t regret it. You are set to sit and relax or lay down and stretch your legs with this comfortable companion.

Guest rooms are the spare rooms of a house and a futon is perfect for them. It will actually occupy lesser floor space than a single bed, and its transformability offers a lot of flexibility. Sunita Singh is using her small guest room as her home workstation. This room already accommodates a bookshelf, a study table, a study chair and an extra wardrobe, which eat up most of the floor space. So, buying a futon for that room was an intelligent decision. She also picked Winsley one seater sofa in warm grey fabric for the best use of available space.

Available in alluring colours, futons will not only give extra space for sleeping but will also come in handy as sofas for chat sessions.

Futons are the smartest furniture of this modern era. It serves beyond a sofa set lying in your living room. 

Make an intelligent choice with a wide range offered by Wooden Street or have the furniture customised the way you want.

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