Decorative Storage Cabinets for Living Room [Part-II]

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Did we keep you waiting for the next part? (I hope not!)

Well, I was sorting out the next three decorative storage cabinets for the living room.

And, guess what! This range will make you take off your footwear place them properly, bow your head in front of the lord and give you ample ‘me-time’ to enjoy the magazine you have been eyeing for so long.

For a fabulous home, you don’t need extra money! These brilliant investment-worthy furniture unit will not only save your living room from all the mess but will also escalate the decor.

Read, explore and implement the following storage furniture ideas for a clean, organized and dapper living room.

1. More shoes? Keep them coming - Shoe Racks:

No one ever said no to a new pair of a stiletto! Right?

So, why not assemble this expensive and exquisite footwear properly inside the storage cabinets. And, for this purpose, we have the shoe racks.

Achieve the following perks:

  • Get instant clean and organized living room with these amazing entities.
  • Plus, the designs will make your decor much more presentable and impressive!

If you are short on space, using a design that can perform double-duty is the key.

Designs like Hopkin shoe rack are the perfect instance for double-duty decorative storage cabinet. With ample storage space and a plush, comfortable stool, this design gives maximum while taking a minimum of the space. 

The netted pattern on the door of the cabinet adds elegance and also keeps your footwear fresh.

For a rustic and traditional mingle, there are designs like Jett shoe rack! These have the bronze tinged metal outer frame and overlapping wooden strips making triangles which all-together is a classic contemporary pick.

2. Instilling peaceful and divine vibes - Home temple:

We start and end our day by taking the name of the Lord! And, all of this is done in the home temple. But, what if you get a combo of classy appeal for your room and a beautiful place for your idols of Gods and Goddesses, in one furniture?

We are talking about the decorative storage cabinet next in the lineup - Home temple.

From traditional designs like Vrindavan home temple with a vivid aura like our beloved Lord Krishna to the Sanjeevani home temple which gives a contemporary and traditional vibe collectively, these storage cabinets will amp-up the decor.

Achieve the following things with this cabinet:

  • Well-placed idols in the north-east direction will attract positivity and instil peace.
  • Decor amplifies with the colour or finish of home temple.

3. Never ending supply for gossip mongers - Magazine racks:

Don’t pile up the magazines on the coffee table and mess up the entire look! The magazine rack is here to give a home to your collection.

The Nigra magazine rack is a simplistic yet striking design that will save floor space and also keep the entertainment supplements organized! For the ones who are looking for a bigger storage cabinet for their magazine mess, designs like Alder Magazine Rack with row-wise rack is ideal!

The living room is a place where everyone gets together for fun conversation or simply chilling. So, keep it organized with this part-2 sequel of storage cabinets for the living room.

Toodles, until next blog!

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