Diwali – A Spark that touches Millions of Lives

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Every year, the festival of lights explodes happiness and prosperity in our lives, and every year we celebrate it with much delight and fun. This year, Team WoodenStreet decided to get out of their comfort zone to bring comfort to those for whom Diwali passes in a shade of grey.

We humans usually face First World Problems, such as no Wi-Fi, and these irritate us ad infinitum. But there are people who, despite physical and mental setbacks, find happiness in every atom of the life they live. To celebrate this joy of life, and to spread more light in their world, Team WoodenStreet visited Prayas Sansthan and learned to live these special moments of joy with some very special people.


Prayas Sansthan, a non-government organization in Udaipur, Rajasthan, is an idyllic location shrouded with green, spread over an area of 17,000 sq. ft. Mr. Raja Bhandari has been tending to many differently abled people of every age bracket since the year 2002, managed through donations. 

To make sure that their festivities would go with delightful eatables, we donated rations, sweets and groceries. Once there, we interacted with them, treated them with sweets and enjoyed seeing their faces lit up with happiness. They did not show any inhibition and accepted us as a part of their extended family. 

Diwali is not limited to a select few but is a festival for everyone, enlightening their lives, dispelling darkness and weaving memories in the tapestry of our lives. For us, this was an experience that connected our hearts with those for whom a simple smile becomes the essence of life.

On this auspicious day, WoodenStreet wishes everyone a very happy and prosperous Diwali!

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