Fabric Sofa Buying Guide

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“Sophisticated, Seductive, Spellbinding and Strategically-Stylish.” – an ideal definition for a fabric sofa.

Sofas are meant to relax and unwind and make you and your guests comfortable in the living room. This piece of furniture plays a vital role in any living room décor.

Buying a sofa is equally exhausting, just like buying a new home or a car. With lots of options, there is a lot to consider when it comes to buying this most integral part of your home. Untangling all the unfamiliar jargon can be overwhelming, and we understand how it feels. Wooden Street is here to help you with this buying guide on fabric sofas, so you can narrow down the options and buy a great sofa for your home.

fabric sofa buying guide


First thing first, measure the space and make sure your sofa doesn’t swallow the entire room. Mind the seat depth and sofa length to get the best out of the available space.


A sturdy frame leads to a lifelong Sofa.  Choose seasoned solid wood as they are stronger and sturdier then non-seasoned wood.


A strong frame needs to be connected with sturdy joints. Never buy a sofa that's held together solely by staples, nails, or glue. Choose a sofa which has double dowel, mortise-and-tenon or dovetail joints.

Spring System

A high-gauge sinuous spring system, along with polypropylene webbing straps, renders a sag-free seating experience, so don't forget to look out for it in your new sofa!


High grade polyurethane foam ensures proper comfort at all levels so that you always get a comfortable seating. Always check the foam quality and density when shopping for a sofa.


You can choose from a variety of fabric, varying from leather to velvet and cotton to polyester. Check the fabric options by Wooden Street below.

Options for Appearance

Deep button tufting, nail detailing and fabric piping are some option you can choose as per your taste to give your sofa more plush, luxe, and beautiful look.

Now you are a step closer to get a great sofa for your abode. Find the best sofa or get it customized through Wooden Street. Feel free to call us and we’ll gladly cater to your sofas related queries.

Check more buying guides by Wooden Street to make your furniture purchasing process more empowered and knowledgeable.

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