Kitchen Furniture Ideas for Small Kitchens: Boom for Compact Space!

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The kitchen is the one place in the home where everyone tends to gather. Usually, the fair share of memories and hearty meals beautifully made in the kitchen which everyone cherishes in their lives!

We all dream of incorporating the top-notch style in the kitchen. But, not everyone can have a spacious kitchen area. Tough, huh? For this, instead of focusing on what you don't have, we at Wooden Street take your small kitchen furniture to the max by using some smart tricks.

Sure, you might not have enough space for a multi-storey crockery unit or big dining table to cram guests around. But small doesn't have to mean dreary. You can use the below-mentioned three kitchen furniture ideas which will help you to make most of the space you do have.

Let's take a look at the kitchen furniture ideas for small kitchens which can maximize every spare inch, and create an illusion of small space into a spacious with more functionality.


IDEA 1: Create a Hub for Cooking and Conversing with Kitchen Island

Kitchen Furniture Ideas

For creating a functional social space in your small kitchen, the portable kitchen island is the best option. This unit offers a place where family members can gather, share memories, cook and eat in your cooking mansion.

Elsa kitchen island solves various needs and looks beautiful doing it. This smart furniture unit gives storage in the form of two drawers, two side shelves, two single doors and one double door cabinet. Also, it offers spacious countertop for prepping and wheels make it more convenient to use.

IDEA 2: Add a Breeze Full of Beauty and Duty with Kitchen Trolley

Kitchen Furniture Ideas

Are you looking for an efficient way of storing cutlery, spices, ingredients, wine bottles, containers and more? Then it’s time to add a breeze of duty with complimentary beauty in the form of kitchen trolley.

Kansis kitchen trolley is a multitasker. Don't believe? Well, with this unit offers you countertop, open shelves for a showcase or handy storage, hanging hooks, bottle holder and spacious drawers. Everything is on wheels that is an added bonus.

IDEA 3: Bring a Flavour of Flexibility in Food with Wall Mounted Foldable Dining Table

Kitchen Furniture Ideas


Looking for a flavour of furniture which can save a lot of space without compromising on your comfort factor? The wall-mounted foldable dining table comes as a boon in the list of kitchen furniture ideas for small kitchens.

Benz wall mount 2 seater foldable dining set is the perfect option for the people who love statement-making units but have issues related to space. If you are not using a dining table, you can just fold it and tuck it into the wall. The chairs can be easily used anywhere in your home.

We hope this post has inspired you to freshen up the functionality of your small kitchen. What's your favourite kitchen furniture idea for decorating small-kitchen? Write it down in the comment section below. We are all ears!

The aforementioned are just some of the furniture unit ideas for small kitchen by Wooden Street. You can easily visit our website and store to encounter a wide range of furniture units.

You can tailor these units according to your space requirements and preferences.

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