Minimum Space, Maximum Storage with Space Saving Shoe Storage Cabinet

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There is no such thing like too many shoes!” If you are a true believer of this, then it is a sign of true shoe lover.

Whether you have two pairs or dozen pairs of footwear, it’s important to have a shoe rack. Just like this, whether you have a compact apartment or big bungalows, the shoe rack is a must.

Giving a permanent house to your footwears is the best thing you can do to make your home clutter free and beautify.

Nowadays people are shifting to urban homes where every inch matter. That is why today we have decided to create a rundown of 5 space-saving shoe storage cabinet. So, keep on reading.

1. Helena Shoe Storage Unit

This shoe rack can be the greatest addition to your home as it is not only space-saving shoe storage cabinet but a multi-functional unit also.

This shoe rack features two drawers where you can put extra stuff related to your footwear. Then there is a cabinet with 4 shelves(quite spacious) to put your price possessions. And in the last, there is an open shelve where you can keep old newspapers or anything else.

All these are in one unit, which makes this multi-utility unit.

2. Franix Shoe Rack

“One space, two cabinets” This term can completely depict what we are talking about. The design of this cabinet features two cabinets in which one cabinet is upon another cabinet.

This may sound weird to you but, when you will see it, you will get to know that this is the cleverest way of storing footwear.  With one drawer and two cabinets, this shoe rack can be the star of your foyer.

3. Reo Shoe Cabinet

This can be an exciting unit for shoe lovers as this will inspire you to buy more shoes. When it comes to space saving shoe storage cabinet, you have to be strategic. Just like this shoe cabinet, 8 shelves in a little space. And the best part is you can place this in your bedroom too.

4. Ferron shoe Rack

This space-saving shoe storage cabinet is the best way to segregate your shoes based on usage or category or anything.

This shoe rack offers three pull out shelves, and each shelve consists of two spacious racks. The best thing about this unit is this cabinet will not only organize your footwear but will also keep them neat.

5. Marshalls Shoe Rack

Open shelves, cabinet, and seating all in one. This is the best space saving shoe storage cabinet for those who love to utilize the space. This unit is a complete package which offers convenient seating, space to keep your shoes, and cabinet to store all the mess around.

Shoes and footwear are the indispensable part of our life, and also, it’s a great way of displaying our personality, status, and class.  So, it’s important to keep them safe and organized.

And, these were some of the shoe racks design by Wooden Street. You can customize them also according to your preference.

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