Side Tables for Living Room with Storage- Store in Style

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Side table serves as a side dish of a decorating world. A side table is that piece of furniture which doesn’t count in the main course of a room like a sofa, Tv unit, coffee table, etc.

Just like a plate of salad or glass of wine at the dining table complements the main course and enhance your dining experience, the side table adds functionality and beauty in your living room.

Functionality of side tables includes storage, storage and storage! You cannot have enough storage in any room of your home as sometimes purging doesn’t work. And with that having a side table for living room with storage is a must.

We at Wooden Street have rounded up 5 side tables for living room with storage.

1. Bonn Chair Side Table

The aesthetics of your living room is not entirely dependent on the side tables, but it does provide a flair to your living room. And if you are someone more into airy and light furniture than this side table can be your best pick.

This side table for living room with storage features a table top with an open shelve in the middle of the table. The major benefits of having this side table is, it is affordable, space efficient and stylish.

2. Oriole Side End Table

This side table is perfect for enhancing the beauty of your living room as it is available in natural finish. But it’s very important to keep in mind that it should be functional also and not only a decorating piece.

This side table for living room with storage is the perfect example of it. It has three spacious drawers to offer you which is quite enough for a functional purpose.

The main highlight of this side table is the shape of the legs and the beautiful natural finish.

3. Orca Chair Side End Table

Height does matter! The height of a side table for a living room with storage work the best among the rest if it is equal or an inch or two inches below.    

And the best example of it is this orca chair side end table which is half in open shelve and a half in cabinet shape. If needed, then you can customize it also according to your sofa’s height.

So, this side table offers two types of spacious storage. In the open storage, you can display your book, and in a cabinet, you can sometimes put which you want to keep away from your sight.

4. Salvo Side Table with Drawer

If you are tight on the space then it’s important to leave a little breathing room on the side of your side table. And the perfect pick for this is our salvo side table with drawer which will give a chic look to your décor with an airy feeling.

This side table has one spacious drawer with metal legs which give the perfect feel of an industrial look. This side table is stylish and arresting. As it has legs only on one side which makes this side table a thumbs up for chic décor lover.

5. Ribero Side End Table

This one is having open shelves, cabinet and an extendable sliding platform. If you are lucky enough to have a spacious living room, then this can be your perfect call.

This is huge, offers multiple options for storage, constructed from solid wood, etc. what more one could ask for.

And these were some of the side tables for living room with storage to give your living room some contrast and interest.

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