TV Unit Buying Guide

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Television is the most comforting addition to your abode. In this era, where every individual dotes on media-infested technology, televisions have become the central hub of every home, and owning one has become a necessity. But keeping a TV stranded against a wall does not make it attractive, you need something to perch it atop, or hang it. And that’s where TV Units come into play.

Since, we don’t buy TVs often, we hardly buy TV Units. But, when the need arises, the options make finding the right TV Unit a tough task. Wooden Street brings this TV Unit buying guide that will help you in finding the right companion for your TV.

The frequency of buying TVs and TV Units is sparse. Yet, when the need arises, the available options easily confuse us. Wooden Street offers a wide range of TV units, and this TV Unit buying guide will help you in getting right companion for your TV.


Consider the size of the TV so that you can visualize how you want your TV stand in the pre-decided place. The total width of the TV cabinet should be more than the total width of TV to give it a sturdy base.

Room Size

Measure the room and act accordingly. A large room begs for a big entertainment unit, whereas a small room fits a smaller unit snugly. And make sure to leave some free space.


Your personality governs this field. Choose from TV units that have towers for storage, or are compact and take less space, yet come with drawers. You can even go for wall-mounts. Make sure that the aesthetics align with your interiors too.


Your walls carry a different tone, and to ensure that everything is seamless, go for finishes that blend your TV Unit with its surroundings. You can even go for accents to make a unique combination.

Extra Features

Choose from common features like shelves, glass doors, and drawers to advanced features like adjustable shelves, casters for ease in moving, set-top box cavities and media library sections.

A TV unit can enhance the beauty of your TV and the room it is in. This piece of furniture is generally overlooked but shouldn’t be ignored.

Find the TV unit you need or get it customized through Wooden Street. Feel free to call us and we’ll gladly cater to your TV Unit-related queries.

Check more buying guides by Wooden Street to make your furniture purchasing process more empowered and knowledgeable.

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